MerynHallEmergency Medicine
JasonDoornenbalInternal Medicine
UzomaEzeukoFamily Medicine

OgagaOjameruayeOrthopaedic Surgery
AshleyGoodwinInternal Medicine
MarcelOkuraInternal Medicine
CharlaineRobertoEmergency Medicine
KongmanyLuangrathInternal Medicine

9-9:20am: Large Group Welcome & Intro to IBC

9:30-10:10am:  Pager Game/Teambuilding  

10:15-10:55am:  Approach to the Rapid Response/Code Blue 

11-11:40am: Transitions of Care 

11:45-12:25pm:  Night-Float Survival

12:30-1pm: Large Group In’s and Out’s of UCSF Fresno

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