Note-taker: Irvine

Present: Brian Quigley (UCB), Lisa Ngo (UCB), Anna Sackmann (UCB), Sam Teplitzky (UCB), Cory Craig (co-chair-UCD), Julia Gelfand (co-chair &note-taker UCI), Hector Perez-Gilbe (UCI), Tony Aponte (UCLA), Jim Dooley (UCM), Michele Potter (UCR), Dave Schmitt (UCSD), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Sarah McClung (UCSF, HLS CKG), Christy Caldwell (UCSC).  Guests: Joining us from UCLA for Elsevier discussion: Sharon Shafer & Dana Peterman

1. Roll Call (please mark your attendance with an X in the roll call spreadsheet)

2. Journal Negotiations: 

3.  New & Continuing Resources:     

4.  Other topics 

5. Campus Updates


In closing, Cory Craig was thanked for her leadership this year.  Julia Gelfand will serve as incoming chair of the PSE CKG and vice-chair will be someone from UCLA.  The next meeting will be held in September and a Doodle Poll will be sent to establish the date with a call for agenda items.