In order to connect Macintosh computers and grant them full access to the Department of Public Health wired network, computer authentication settings on OS X must be applied by installing a configuration profile.  Follow the steps below to install the computer authentication configuration profile.  


  1. Verify the computer is bound to a UCSF domain.

  2. Verify that you do not have an existing hardwired profile on your Mac.

  3. To install the DPH full access hardwired network profile, click on the following link to download and install: http://sfghdean.ucsf.edu/networkconfigurationprofiles/OSX/DPH_full_wired.mobileconfig
    ** This link will only work while connected to the UCSF/ZSFG network **

  4. A window will show up. Select Save File and click OK. Note: by default OSX will save files in your profile's "Downloads" folder.  Double click the file DPH_full_wired.mobileconfig file to launch the profile installer.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Click Install.

  7. Enter your administrator password for your computer > Click OK.

  8. You should see Settings for Hardwired 802.1x added in the Devices Profiles pane.  Reboot your computer to complete the installation.

Technical Support:

For technical assistance, please call the UCSF Service Desk at 628-206-5126 and ask the analyst to assign ticket to ITFS_SFGH team.