Discussion items

5-10 minutesAdministriviaKathryn
  • Affirm access to group communication tools?
  • Planning for future call topics:
    • preservation (Kathryn)
    • social media approaches (perhaps Eric?)
    • collaborative collection development (TBD)
    • enhanced discovery and access (Kevin)
5 minutesConfirm revised charterKathryn + All 
  • Affirm suggestions to include social media throughout, possibly in name?
  • Group collaboratively cleaned up the draft and affirmed inclusion of social media throughout the body of the charter, determining that the name of the group as Web Archiving CKG is inclusive of social media.
15 minutesDiscussion con't: Web archiving collection development policies and approachesAll
  • engaging with selectors
    at UCD: formally reached out to selectors re getting faculty web content archived, using their expertise, low response rate, but interest is there, related to ORCID pilot (analyzing a particular school's faculty, scraping from sidebar for coll dev that faculty have created or participated in) also then reaching out and engaging with faculty (don't need institutional affiliation for ORCID to access public API); centralized approach, nerve-wracking watching data budget decline - growth analysis
    at UCSF: not a lot of selectors, but with arch colls coming in, look for related web content, working with central institutional web development staff (maintains a central list) to capture, esp what's changing - role of outreach is key to getting more comprehensive, identifying pockets of content that you'd not otherwise know about...also need to take an appraisal approach to content from the central list
    at UCSD: outreach - talking with selectors, some reach out to faculty; for UCSD sites, its the UA who does this outreach
    at UCLA: mostly selectors setting up crawls with faculty members, policy in development not yet approved; determination of what gets crawled is not looking at subjects, rather frequency and approach. ongoing maintenance, validating ongoing needs; have a form for addressing event-driven to figure out approach (recently implemented, not much input yet on uptake)
  • event-driven collecting (not discussed)
  • collaborative collecting (not discussed)
15 minutesCobweb walkthrough (
  • Kathryn shared a brief walkthrough of Cobweb, highlighting platform functionality and considering use cases for collaborative collection development. Look out for a Cobweb webinar in the new year, and reach out to Kathryn with questions, ideas, and/or to get set up.
5-10 minutesNews of Note: announcements, conference presentations/report backs, project updates, calls for participation, etc.All

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