These are the bigger, more complex projects that are currently underway. For more routine fixes and improvements, please see the CDL Pivotal Tracker queues: Operations (issues, bugs, ingest, harvest) and Product development (user-facing new Calisphere features).

Collection Management Systems

Past Projects

ProjectGoalCompleted date
OAC / Calisphere contributor help portalCreate a more streamlined, one-stop-shop for OAC / Calisphere / Nuxeo help (including search and user forums)May 2017
Calisphere Comments Pilot Project (w/ UCR)Determine the viability of enabling user comments on Calisphere, through a pilot project on a single collection.February 2018
Calisphere implementationAdd markup to items and analyze impact; add to institutions and/or collections(Work paused Summer 2017)
Nuxeo (UC DAMS) upgradeUpgrade Nuxeo to version 7August 2017
LSTA-funded harvest projectHarvest as many additional identified sources into Calisphere as possible by September 2017September 2017 (but renewed for another year)
Exhibitions editorial framework task forceDevelop a shared editorial framework for creating new Calisphere exhibitionsOctober 2017
Complex Objects 2.0 Design DevelopmentImprove the display of Nuxeo complex objects in Calisphere, including non-image contentOctober 2017

Unprioritized Projects / Wishlist

These are ideas and requirements we have heard surfaced but do not have the resources to undertake in light of other priorities. Please contact us at if you would like to advocate for or take on any of these projects, and/or if you have additional project ideas you do not see here.

OAC redesignModernize OAC design and backend systems, implement new best practices, roadmap for supporting new standards (e.g., EAD3), explore integrations with related content (e.g., SNAC, other EAD aggregations), enhance integration between OAC and Calisphere / collection descriptions and digital objects.
Full-text search on CalisphereWhen users search on Calisphere, should search entire text of metadata and digital object (for text-based objects); possibly also support full-text search on an object page.
Deep harvest of legacy OAC METS into CalisphereEnable users to stay on Calisphere to view OAC-harvested objects and provide full viewing/player environment there
Calisphere contact button investigationDetermine a holistic UX solution for contact institution on object pages, to accommodate Aeon integration
Access restrictions on CalisphereEnable different levels of user access to different types of content through authentication and authorization, virtual reading room registration, etc.
Seamless contributor experienceEnable more seamless access to cross-contributor systems (Calisphere Collection Registry, voro/Dashboard, OAC Help Center, Calisphere Exhibitions, other CDL services, etc.)
More advanced Calisphere UI features / functionalityVarious UI features like bookbag, user-contributed content, etc.
Calisphere exhibition browse term updatesUpdate Calisphere exhibit browse term "canned searches"