The CDL is currently hosting a Nuxeo instance that is at version 7.10. This September 2018, we will be upgrading Nuxeo to version 9.10. This version gets us on Nuxeo's Long Term Support (LTS) plan through the end of 2020 (support for our current version 7.10 expires in November 2018).

Following the upgrade to version 9.10, we want to upgrade to version 10.10 as soon as possible after November – to be on the latest version.

Scheduling details

We will be conducting the upgrade between Thursday, 9/27 through Friday 9/28:

What to expect
Version 9.10 includes a number of updates to the back-end application. We do not anticipate any significant changes to the existing UI or workflows you have been utilizing – including the tools we've developed that interact with the API, such as the File Uploader Client of nuxeo_spreadsheet tab-delimited import process. We will not be using the new UI when we upgrade due to incompatibilities with customizations we've made to date. After we've upgraded to version 9.10, we will be exploring how we can port over those customizations to the new UI.

For additional information: Version 9.10 release notes