1. Go to and logon with your UCSF Active Directory account.

  2. If you are prompted with the screen below you have been enrolled in Duo. Please click on “Start Setup” to enroll your device. Note: If you are not prompted to “Start Setup”, your account needs to be associated with Duo. Please follow the instructions at (starting on Step 2) to request a Duo account.

  3. Select Device > Click Continue (mobile phone recommended).

  4. Enter your mobile phone number > Click Continue.

  5. Select your phone OS (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) > Click Continue.

  6. Launch the App store for your phone. Search and install the “Duo Mobile” application (Logo Below).
    Note: If you use DPH Duo for Web Connect, you should already have Duo mobile installed and can skip to step 7.

  7. On your computer click “I have Duo Mobile” installed.

  8. Open the Duo Mobile App on your phone. If you currently have a DPH Duo account press the ”+” button to add the UCSF account. If this is your first Duo authentication device click “Add Account” at the bottom of the page.

  9. You will be prompted to allow Duo to access your camera. Click> OK.

  10. Your phone’s camera will open > Scan the QR Code on the screen of your computer. Click> Continue once the code is scanned.

  11. Select your preferred settings. “Automatically send this device a Duo push” is recommended. An alert will be sent to your phone, you will need to allow this notification to proceed.

  12. Enrollment is now complete; see below for an example of what screen you should expect once you sign into going forward.

  13. You will now need to update your UCSF VPN client.

    For PC users, click here for instructions on updating your VPN client.For Mac users, click here for instructions on updating your VPN client.

  14. You can watch a video on using Duo 2factor at the bottom of the page.


IT Field Services Health Desk provides walk up IT help during the times listed below.  Please bring your laptop and your mobile device with you.
Additional information and location for the UCSF IT Health Desks are here:

ZSFG IT Health Desk is in Building 20 - 1st Floor
1001 Potrero Ave, Conference Room 2102
Hours are 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Number of Visits:
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