These are the bigger, more complex projects that are currently underway. For more routine fixes and improvements, please see the CDL Pivotal Tracker queues: Operations (issues, bugs, ingest, harvest) and Product development (user-facing new Calisphere features).

Collection Management Systems

Past Projects

ProjectGoalCompleted date
OAC / Calisphere contributor help portalCreate a more streamlined, one-stop-shop for OAC / Calisphere / Nuxeo help (including search and user forums)May 2017
Calisphere Comments Pilot Project (w/ UCR)Determine the viability of enabling user comments on Calisphere, through a pilot project on a single collection.February 2018
Calisphere implementationAdd markup to items and analyze impact; add to institutions and/or collections(Work paused Summer 2017)
Nuxeo (UC DAMS) upgradeUpgrade Nuxeo to version 7August 2017
LSTA-funded harvest projectHarvest as many additional identified sources into Calisphere as possible by September 2017September 2017 (but renewed for another year)
Exhibitions editorial framework task forceDevelop a shared editorial framework for creating new Calisphere exhibitionsOctober 2017
Complex Objects 2.0 Design DevelopmentImprove the display of Nuxeo complex objects in Calisphere, including non-image contentOctober 2017