Charter (rev. June 2016)

Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2014:  UCSVR-CKG-Minutes-6-3-2014.pdf

December 2, 2014:  UCSVR-CKG-Minutes-12-2-2014.pdf

May 25, 2016: UCSVR-CKG-Minutes-5-23-2016.pdf





Summary and Background

The UC Shared Visual Resources (UCSVR) group comprises a standing group of experts in the area of building shared visual resource collections.  The group builds on and extends the scope of the former UC Shared Images Collection Liaisons (, a group established by the CDL to advise on the development of the UC Shared Images Service.  While UCSVR members have particular expertise with image-based resources and their use within instructional and teaching contexts, participants also have expertise working with other media and file formats (moving images, audio, etc.) within these contexts.  UCSVR communicates with and serves as an advisory body to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure, but is not a decision-making body.  To foster innovation in the creation, management, sharing, and teaching and instructional use of visual resource collections, the UCSVR membership is open to participation from experts within the UC Libraries and in campus departments external to the Libraries.  The group meets on a regular basis -- leveraging in-person meetings at relevant professional visual resource organization meetings, when possible -- and encourages active participation from its membership.

Scope of work

Assess, manage and advise on shared visual resources collections and media content across UC campuses through meetings, group interactions, and workshops. Our goals include:


Membership and Terms of Appointment

Membership is open to all levels of staff interested in and responsible for the management of media and related services. To seek membership, interested parties must contact the UCSVR chair. The group will include a broad group of systemwide media experts, ex-officio members from the California Digital Library and other representatives invited by the chair. Committed members include: