January 20, 2016      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker:  UCB, Samantha Teplitzky


  1. Roll Call (Katie)
    UC Berkeley – Susan Koskinen, UC Berkeley – Samantha Teplitzky, UC Davis - Amy Studer, UC Davis - Mary Wood, UC Irvine - Mitchell Brown, UC Irvine - Shu Liu (co-Chair), UC Riverside - Rhonda Neugebauer, UC Santa Cruz - Christy Hightower, UC Santa Barbara – Gary Colmenar, CDL - Katie Fortney (CDL) (co-Chair), CDL - Jackie Wilson (CDL).
    Guests Marcus Banks, UCD, and the ORCID Project Team: Erik Mitchell, UCB, Lisa Schiff, CDL, Vessela Ensberg, UCD, Christy Caldwell, UCSC.
  2. Announcements - Katie asks us to look at charter for CKG and suggest changes by 2/8.
  3. Discussion: ORCID

Erik Mitchell gave an introduction to the work done by the ORCID project team (Erik Mitchell, Lisa Schiff, Vessela Ensberg, Christy Caldwell). Find their report here:


Purpose of report: to assess the state of ORCID adoption or interest, and answer question should CDL get consortial license for ORCID? In June, consortial license seemed premature. There was much interest, but not clear how campuses could leverage ORCID. Technical issue: how to store permission key from students to write research profiles.


Background readings:


Topics for February:

Updates from Jackie - Luminos, Open Book Publishers, Open Library of the Humanities

Discussion of https://www.growkudos.com/