SP CKG Agenda
August 20, 2014      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

  1. Roll Call (Mitchell)

Katie Fortney (CDL), Jackie Wilson (CDL), Susan Mikkelsen (UCM, notetaker), Mitchell Brown (UCI), Margaret Phillips (UCB), Amy Studer (UCD), Mary Wood (UCD), Shu Lui (UCI), Anneliese Taylor (UCSF), Christy Hightower (UCSC)

RaquelAbad (UCD),
Nancy Stimson (UCSD)
Diane Gurman (UCLA)
RhondaNeugebauer (UCR)
Gary Colmenar (UCSB

  1. Announcements (All)
    New Member added: Shu Lui (Irvine)
    Bethany Harris has relocated from UC Irvine to UC San Diego. May rejoin group from UCSD. 
    Cory Craig has withdrawn from SP CKG due to workload change.
  2. Outreach materials that support the OA Policy(CDL)


  1. Planning for Open Access Week 2014

Next Call: Sept 17, 2014