Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group

February 18, 2015

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker:  UCB, Samantha Teplitzky


1. Roll Call (Mitchell)

Present: Samantha Teplitzky (Berkeley), Susan Koskinen (Berkeley), Mitchell Brown (Irvine), Shu Liu (Irvine), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced),  Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Mary Linn Bergstrom (San Diego), Bethany Harris (San Diego), Anneliese Taylor (UCSF), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara), Katie Fortney (CDL), Jackie Wilson (CDL)

Absent: Amy Studer (Davis), Mary Wood (Davis), Diane Gurman (UCLA)

2. Announcements (Mitchell)

  1. 2015 Digital Initiatives Symposium (April 29, 2015) – University of San Diego.  Presentation by Mitchell Brown, Bethany Harris and Julia Gelfand on UC Open Access Policy implementation at the system and campus level.
  2. Following up on idea from Annaliese, Katie will send link to video on “get the word out” page so campuses can customize.

3. Reports from ALA and other Winter Meetings 

  1. Modern Language Association (MLA) – report from Irvine (Matt Roberts Powerpoint)
  2. Presentation (Irvine) – “Ten Things to Know About Scholarly Communications” (ACRL handout); comparison with Jeff Beall’s response
  3. Open Access Policy workshop  - 24 Feb 2015 (Irvine) - focus on humanities
  4. ALA midwinter - discussions about OER (open educational resources), textbooks

4. Updates on UC Open Access Policy implementation 

  1. UCSF (Anneliese) - plans to announce in March. Some articles that were loaded by CDL based on profiles will be “pre-claimed”.
  2. UCI (Mitchell) – links to email announcements, webpages. Moving faculty profile information into Elements on March 3.
  3. Timeline for everyone else. Check website:

5. RSC Voucher - Gold For Gold Program (Jackie)

Update on 2015 Gold for Gold voucher program from RSC. Divided up various ways historically (by campus, by contribution).  This year there will be 145. Potential proposal for 2015 that vouchers be held centrally by CDL and distributed by request.

Preference for RSC to automatically apply vouchers to first 145 UC authors. CDL will raise during subscription renewal process.

Jackie to contact Chemistry Librarians directly for input.

6. Other

Question about teaching scholarly communication topics to grad students (Christy): copyright, open access, what else?

  1. Mention of as resource
  2. Link to resources from Santa Barbara open access week workshop by Chuck Huber: Altmetrics: New Ways to Evaluate for a New Publishing Environment
  3. UCSF past workshop with journal editors
  4. UCSF 6-part "Responsible Conduct of Research Training" for post-docs (