Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group

November 19, 2014      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Notetaker: (CDL - Fortney)  


1. Roll Call (Mitchell)

Present: Mary Wood (Davis), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced), Shu Liu (Irvine), Mitchell Brown (Irvine), Diane Gurman (UCLA), Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Bethany Harris (San Diego), Nancy Stimson (San Diego), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara), Katie Fortney (CDL), Jackie Wilson (CDL)


Absent: Margaret Phillips (Berkeley), Amy Studer (Davis), Anneliese Taylor (UCSF)


2.  Announcements (All)

Reminder that we’re looking for a new co-chair starting January 2015. Please consider serving, particularly if your campus hasn’t chaired/co-chaired this group or the SCO’s before, or recently. Mitchell will continue as the other co-chair until the end of June.


3. Updates on UC Open Access Policy implementation (Mitchell)


4.  Feedback on the OSC website (Mitchell)

The new arrangement for services – icons and FAQs.

Feedback on changes