SP CKG Conference Call
September 17, 2014      1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Call In Information
Ready Talk : 866-740-1260
Passcode: 8249732
Notetaker: (UCSC - Christy) 

1.    Roll Call

Present: Mitchell Brown (Irvine), co-chair; Margaret Phillips (Berkeley); Amy Studer (Davis); Susan Mikkelsen  (Merced); Shu Lui (Irvine); Diane Gurman (UCLA); Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside); Nancy Stimson (San Diego), co-chair; Bethany Harris (San Diego);

Anneliese Taylor (UCSF), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara); Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz); Jackie Wilson (CDL); Katie Fortney (CDL)

Guest(s): Catherine Mitchell, CDL; Katrina Romanowsky, CDL

Absent: Mary Wood (Davis)

Raquel Abad  - no longer a member of the group

2.    Announcements (All)

•    New Returning Member: Bethany Harris (San Diego).

•    Symplectic Meetings on campuses - San Diego (9/8); Irvine (9/9), Riverside, UCLA, Davis, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Santa Barbara – Symplectic did not go to Merced, but Merced attended at another campus.  At Irvine their Office of Academic Personnel was looking at other modules with interest, but at UCI will try to be interoperable with the current version of their OAP software and Symplectic, will not be adding new Symplectic modules at this time.  At San Diego a lot of other offices on campus were present at the demo, all the different offices are going in different directions so there is not one single public interface on campus.  It was mentioned on this call that Symplectic can handle different sources of input so it may still work.

•    Office of Scholarly Communications (OSC) website updates and plans for webinar on UC OA Policy (Mitchell). Mitchell is working with Katie and Sharon Farb to make some updates and have plans for a webinar on the policy.  Katie: a webinar for librarians is planned with a lot of time for Q&A – in early October – Tue Oct 7th at 1pm, email to go out soon.  Will record it for later viewing.  A chance for librarians to ask questions about the policy.

3.  Outreach materials that support the UC OA Policy (Katrina and Catherine) - 45 minutes

Katrina will be showing slides from a ReadyTalk account - access code 5451966.  For web content, log into http://www.readytalk.com/ and in PARTICIPANT box, enter the access code 5451966#

Katrina – went through the slides and asked us for feedback on each item

Meeting adjourned 2:01 p.m.