Scholarly Publishing CKG Meeting
May 21, 2014
1:00-2:00 pm

Notes:  Nancy Stimson (UCSD)

Present: Raquel Abad (Davis), Mitchell Brown (Irvine), Gary Colmenar (UCSB), Katie Fortney (CDL), Diane Gurman (Los Angeles), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced), Margaret Phillips (Berkeley), Nancy Stimson (UCSD), Jackie Wilson (CDL), Mary Wood (Davis)

1. Announcements

a. SPARC Tour of UC Campuses – There was a discussion about Nicole Allen and Nick Shockey’s visits to the campuses, the “Open California Tour.”  Attendance was better at some campuses than others.  People agreed that a lot of what Nick and Nicole were saying was too basic for a lot of the audience (“preaching to the choir”).  The suggestion was made, if this tour is repeated, that both basic and advanced sessions be offered.

b. Updates to the OSC site – Katie Fortney described some recent and upcoming changes to the OSC website (

- The news section is the blog portion.  Katie added information about the SPARC tour and the RSC vouchers.  Recommendations for future posts can be sent to the general OSC email address or to Katie directly.

- Some changes are about to go live: Under “Scholarly Publishing,” there will be a revised metrics section, including information about identifiers and profiles.  They could also do a post about ORCID ( if there is interest.

- OSC is revising and shortening the FAQ for the UC Open Access Policy.  The new FAQ will include an “at a glance” flowchart showing how to comply with the policy developed with UCSF.  The old FAQ will be archived and linked from the bottom of the new FAQ.

- Once Symplectic Elements is closer to release, there will be updated information about how it works and how to interact with it.  The “About OSC” page will also be revised to reflect the membership of OSC.

- Katie set up a Creative Commons “CC-BY” license for the OSC site.

c. Symplectic Elements update – Mitchell said that he, Annelise Taylor and Katie Fortney were at a meeting with a larger group of CDL, Symplectic, and pilot campus stakeholder representatives in Oakland recently.  They are working on the rollout but are still in the early development stages.  One of the issues is that each campus has a different idea about how they want to implement the Symplectic piece.

d. UC Open Access Policy Review (Mitchell) – The 6-month report on the policy is due in June. CDL is working on a response to UCOLASC and the Academic Senate to let them know where we are with the policy.

2. Update on the OA Fund Pilot Evaluation

Jackie reported that one campus hasn’t returned their survey yet.  After they do, the results will be analyzed.  This should take a couple of weeks.  Most of the OA fund activities seem to have been successful.  Over 500 applications were submitted during the 18 months of the pilot.  Over half a million dollars was invested in these funds, including campus and CDL funding.

Diane from UCLA asked if any other campuses were considering funding affordable course materials.  Jackie said that the OA fund pilot report will include a summary of UCLA’s program.

3. Transformative Publishing Models Pilot Review Team – Call for SP CKG Member

This pilot group is being formed to review and make recommendations to SAGE 1 and CLS regarding which open access business models are appropriate for UC to pursue, particularly from a systemwide perspective.  A call for a volunteer from the SP CKG was issued.  Nancy volunteered.  Mitchell will send her name to David Minor, Chair of SAG 1.  Christy Hightower will also be a member of this group, as a campus representative.

4. Dedicated Scholarly Communication Librarians – or Other Variations

Susan said that Merced is doing some long range planning and would like to know if any of the other campuses have a dedicated scholarly communication librarian.  Mitchell polled the group:

UCLA - Has a Head of Scholarly Communication and Licensing who manages a Scholarly Communications and Licensing unit consisting of several librarians all of whom have other responsibilities.

UCSB - Has a half-time Scholarly Communication Program Coordinator, who also has other half-time responsibilities (Collection Coordinator, 2 subject assignments, reference and instruction).   The Scholarly Communications Group is chaired by the Program Coordinator. There has been some discussion about a shared position for a Copyright Officer that would be supported by the library and other campus stakeholders, including the Office of Research.

UCB - Has a Scholarly Communications Librarian who also has other duties. (Electronic Resources Librarian) In the process of putting out a call for a dedicated person to fill this role, likely someone with a JD who would focus on copyright issues.

UCI - Has a Scholarly Communications coordinator who also has other responsibilities. (Research Librarian for Chemistry, Earth System Science, and Russian)

UCSD - Has a Scholarly Communications Coordinator who also has other responsibilities. (Biomedical Librarian with liaison and instruction duties)

UCSF - Has a Scholarly Communications librarian who also has other responsibilities (Assistant director of Collections)

UCSC - Has a Scholarly Communications and eResearch Team

UCD - UCD librarians participate to varying degrees in scholarly communications activities, including eScholarship and publishing. Teams, like Open Access and Data Services, deal with specific aspects of Scholarly Communications. This area is expected to be more fully addressed as our re-organization continues.

UCR - Has a Scholarly Communications librarian who also has other responsibilities  (Bibliographer, Latin American and Iberian Studies)

ACTION: Email Susan or the SP CKG group if you have other ideas or comments about this issue.

5. Early Planning for Open Access Week 2014

Open Access Week will be on October 24-26, 2014.  The theme this year is “Generation Open” which will target graduate students and early-career researchers, in particular.  As always, as we develop our plans we can share them with one another on the SP CKG wiki.

6. ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshow – June 6

There are still over 25 spaces left in this free, all-day workshop on scholarly communication issues being held at Cal State San Marcos on June 6.  Information about the workshop, and the registration form, are located at

7. Upcoming SP CKG Conference Calls

The next call will be held on June 18. 

SP CKG conference calls may or may not be held in the summer months, July and August, depending on the number and nature of agenda items.