Scholarly Publishing Common Knowledge Group (CKG) – Conference Call Minutes

March 19, 2014

In attendance:  Amy Studer (Davis), Cory Craig (Davis), Mary Wood (Davis), Bethany Harris (Irvine), Mitchell Brown (Irvine) (facilitator), Rhonda Neugebauer (Riverside), Nancy Stimson (San Diego) (notetaker), Christy Hightower (Santa Cruz), Gary Colmenar (Santa Barbara), Katie Fortney (CDL), Jacqueline Wilson (CDL), Anneliese Taylor (San Francisco)

Absent: Margaret Phillips (Berkeley), Susan Mikkelsen (Merced), Diane Gurman (Los Angeles)


1. Mitchell welcomed everyone to the new Scholarly Publishing CKG, both former SCO members and new members. The group is intended to work quickly to address particular projects.  Work can come from SAG1, SAG3 and other groups.

2. Announcements

One of the things that this CKG can do is share public outreach opportunities and information about projects we are working on.

3. Transition to the Scholarly Publishing CKG

4.  OA Fund Pilot Evaluation

Jackie gave an overview of the OA Fund Pilot program and the evaluation plan.  In 2012, CDL provided $10,000 seed money per campus to fund UC author OA fees or something else.  UCLA chose a different path, teaching-related OA materials.  The evaluation of the program is due 18 months after the start date which is at the end of March.  The Collections Licensing Subgroup (CLS) charged a small group (Jackie, Mary and Dawn Setzer) with surveying OA fund administrators and writing a report.  This week fund administrators received email asking them to verify that they are the correct person to take the survey. The survey will be sent out in April for a quick turnaround.  The group will write the report in May since it is due in early June.

There is a link to the survey questions on today’s agenda -  Please examine the questions and let Jackie, Mary or Dawn know if you think questions need to be added or changed.  The group will share their report with the SP CKG after SAG1 and CLS look at it.  Cory looked at the questions and suggested that one be added about what went well, and what didn’t.

5.  RSC Gold for Gold

Jackie explained that, as a benefit of the UC licensing of RSC publications, a certain number of “Gold for Gold” vouchers have been distributed to each university.  The vouchers are worth about $2300 each.  UC received 140 vouchers and CLS decided to divide them evenly, 14 vouchers per campus.  Each campus also received a list of the local campus authors who published in RSC publications.  Jackie needs a tally of how many vouchers each campus gave out last year.  She will email the liaisons to get this information.

Christy commented that this program was messy and problematic last year, that it is not very well structured and RSC was impervious to making changes.  Jackie responded that some campuses may not want to participate if it’s too much hassle but that she hopes that RSC will become more responsive over time.  She recommends that the liaisons continue to document problematic issues and provide feedback to CDL and RSC.  Cory said that RSC is well aware of the problems but are not likely to change the process.  Mitchell said that authors need to know about the voucher option at the time of article submission.  Jackie said that there will soon be a conversation between CDL and RSC and that she will let the CKG know what transpires.

6.  OA Policy Implementation

Jackie reported that letters were sent to the publishers announcing the UC OA policy.  There is a list on the policy webpage that lists the publisher responses. 

Christy suggested that a page be added to the wiki of “Commonly Used Linked” that includes items like the publisher responses.

7.  Other OA Initiatives

Nancy asked if any of the other campuses are planning programs that fund OA initiatives other than subsidizing OA journal article processing charges, other than the UCLA program which we know about.  Christy said that at Santa Cruz they changed their program to cover “scholarly publishing opportunities,” not just APCs --  for instance, funds to help faculty deposit posters in Faculty of 1000, etc.  Nothing has come of it so far and they are getting more requests than ever for covering APC charges.  UC Berkeley now provides basic PeerJ memberships to their authors.  If other campuses are doing other things or have other ideas, please let the group know.

8.  Update on SCP Cataloging of eBooks

Nancy had two questions with regard to the SCP cataloging of eBooks:

Christy said that she is interested in the CKG looking into OA textbook initiatives.  Janet Napolitano expressed concern over the high cost of textbooks, and Christy thinks this is a good opportunity for the library to get involved.  The group decided to discuss this further by email.

Cory mentioned the “Chem Wiki” at UC Davis in which faculty summarize their textbooks and write their own ( -  Also covers:  bio, geo, stats, physics, math, solar).

9.  Sharing Documentation

Mitchell said that the group should create a place where we can put shared materials such as OA policy marketing PowerPoints and documents.  Cory suggested as an option for shared storage and collaborative work area.  Mitchell said that UCI is also collecting anecdotes about OA for the UL to use in contacts with the faculty, as an example of something else that could be shared by CKG members.

10.  Hathi Trust Institutional Login

Mitchell reported that Hathi Trust affiliates can access more material if people create an account and log in. They can access scanned materials from their institution and also check some materials in copyright review and possibly bump them up for release to the researcher, etc.

Meeting adjourned 2:04 p.m.