Project Management Common Knowledge Group Charter

November 12, 2014


1. Summary and Background

The Project Management Common Knowledge Group (PMCKG) is a standing group of representatives of various UC campuses and CDL, with an interest in the area of project management. PMCKG discusses topics related to project management methodologies, practices, processes, tools and templates.

PMCKG communicates with and provides support to the UCL Advisory Structure, but it is not a decision-making body.

2. Scope of work

PMCKG will share, promote and advocate resources and best practices in an effort to lay a foundation for long term development of project management expertise in the UC Libraries. The group will create an inventory of tools, methods and best practices in project management, and build a report including recommendations.

3. Key Responsibilities

4. Membership and Terms of Appointment

Membership is open to all levels of UC employees interested in and responsible for managing projects. Broad campus representation is desirable but not required.

Members commit to a two year term, at which time they can choose to continue or to recommend another representative from their campus/location.

Current members are:

The Chair is selected by the membership and will serve for 2 years.

5. Communication responsibilities

The PMCKG meets at least quarterly, with irregular communication via CKGPM-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU.

The PMCKG will establish an open mailing list/discussion forum for all UC Library staff members who are interested in project management, as noted above in Section 3, Key Responsibilities.