← If your space is using the Default Theme, you can access the Space Admin console by clicking the Space Tools link on the sidebar.

If your space is using the Documentation Theme, you can access the Space Admin console by selecting Space Admin from the Browse menu. →


Permissions/Access Control
View All PermissionsView All Permissions
Find out who has access to your space
Add or Remove Individual User

Add or Remove Individual User
Grant access permissions on a user-by-user basis

Create a User GroupCreate a User Group
User groups let you change access permissions for multiple users at once
Add or Remove Users in a GroupAdd or Remove Users in a Group
Edit the membership of a user group
View Group MembershipView Group Membership
Find out which users are in a user group
More Information
All about wiki accounts, space types, and permission types
Space Admin Features

These links take you to the Confluence documentation for various Space Administration features:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact the Wiki Administrators.

How do I...

See Configuring a Sidebar

See Changing a Space's Logo

See Restoring a Deleted Page

See Viewing Restricted Pages

See Viewing Space Activity

Click the Space Tools link in the sidebar and then click the Manage Users/Groups tab (alt: Browse > Manage Users/Groups), then click on the group name listed on the left side of the page. If the group does not appear in this area, it is a legacy (pre-2010) user group.  Please contact the Wiki Administrators to view the group membership or make changes to it.

You need to create a page to hold the tracking code, and then add a 'page include' referencing that page on each page you want to track:

  1. Create a page to hold the tracking code:
    1. Create a new page entitled Google Analytics in your space.
    2. Add an HTML macro block to the page by typing {html}
    3. Inside the HTML macro block that appears, paste the javascript tracking code copied from your Google Analytics account.
    4. Save the page.
  2. Add a ‘page include’ to each page you want to track:
    1. Go to the page you want to track and click Edit.
    2. At the bottom of the page, type {include:Google Analytics}
    3. The include macro placeholder will appear.  You can now simply copy it (click the placeholder and do Ctrl-C) and paste it into any other page you want to track.  Don’t forget to save the page.
    4. It will take up to 24 hours for your data to appear in Analytics.

If you decide that your wiki space is no longer needed, please contact the Wiki Administrators to remove it for you. Keep in mind that once the space is removed, it is no longer recoverable. If you want to make a backup of the content in your space before it is removed, see: