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UC Shared Visual Resources – Common Knowledge Group

March 12, 2019 meeting




On call: Greg Reser, Laura Schwartz, Leslie Abrams (UCSD); Sonja Sekeley-Rowland, Krystal Boehlert (UCR); Jason Miller, Lynn Cunningham (UCB); Dan Goldstein (UCD); Jenna Dufour (UCI); Christine Fritsch, Jackie Spafford (UCSB)


  1. Discussion of JSTOR Forum
    • Overview of announcement of JSTOR Forum Network level access extending to 2020 for non-Enterprise licensing campuses (current Enterprise level campuses: UCB, UCSD, UCLA, UCSB)
    • Sonja noted that one year of trial access is not enough, as the time and work required to upload content for end users is too great if there’s a risk the campus will not end up licensing it.  She suggested a trial period of 2-3 years to really give a campus time to prove the value and build a user base who can endorse it.  If a longer trial period cannot be negotiated she suggested focusing on 1 or 2 classes to mitigate the amount of work, and have a targeted audience.
    • Everyone agreed that having licensed access would benefit their facilities and their campuses, and several campuses are still struggling with homegrown DAMS (which is often a very expensive endeavor or unsustainable due to discontinued platforms/plugins).
    • Dan reported that the library at UCD had no interest in using Shared Shelf but guessed Leah would want it. The question is whether it would be worth it to convince the library to use.
    • Jackie offered to write up an outline of the steps taken at UCSB to get support, and how they are undertaking the campus rollout and launch.
    • Jane Hetherington (ITHAKA’s Director, Institutional Development and Strategic Partnerships, West Region) has reached out to members of this CKG and others in UC libraries about meeting at ARLIS in Salt Lake City.  Those who are going (Janine, Lynn, Leslie, Laura, Jenna) will try to speak with her, but it was agreed that a conference call or webinar that includes more of us would be very useful (as there are still a number of questions after the contract discussion with Mihoko).  (Follow-up point – Jackie contacted Jane to note that 6 or 7 UC people will be at VRA.)


  1. Images for theses and dissertations
    • Dan argued that there are two separate issues in advising the use of images in theses and dissertations: 1) Which images go in/with the document (You need it? Use it!), and 2) Which images CAN be in it when published or put online (be proactive in getting permissions if theses and dissertations will be online and open access, which eventually will become the default for all UC campuses)
    • Dan and Laura both noted that they basically advise students to use whatever they want for theses and dissertations – the time to learn of restrictions is when preparing for publication.  The real complications come with Open Access.
    • Dan also said that the UC Copyright Office is mostly focused on protecting faculty work against infringement rather than how to use other people’s work.
    • There is no one standard for the UC system – each campus has its own guidelines, and some campuses have their own copyright specialists.
    • Several on the call contributed links to their own guidelines or to ones frequently used (e.g. CAA Fair Use Guidelines) – these will be posted on the UCSVR-CKG wiki.
    • Jason asks faculty to talk to students about the permissions process for books and he and Sonja noted that they provide sample permission letters (which we will also share on the wiki)


  1. News from VR facilities and libraries
    • UCB – Jason reported that his role as the College of Environmental Design VRC Director has been reduced, and he is spending more time working as the Digitization Archivist in the Environmental Design Archives.  He is also actively using the CDL tools, e.g.  Nuxio and Archive Space, and is adding content to Calisphere.
    • UCB – Lynn reported on the VRC, which has been searching for a new director.  The department hopes to open a new V-lab (Visual Lab or Digital Art History Lab), with a focus on Digital Humanities and new technology.  There is a reduced focus on image collecting.  The VRC staff now consists of the photographer, Julie Wolf.
    • UCD – Dan said that UCD library had reduced the number of subject specialists, and that each was doing more coverage.  They are split into two departments: undergraduates and professional schools, and grads and faculty research. He said this looks like a trend – reduced, or no, tiesto any department or subject.  There is an interdisciplinary project at UCD called The Global Tea Project   led by AH Prof. Katherine Burnett that Dan is involved with.  Dan also reported on the VRC (no recent changes) and said that Leah and Lisa would really benefit from having access to JSTOR Forum.
    • UC I – Jenna Dufour recently joined the campus as the Research Librarian for the Visual Arts
    • UCR – Sonja and Krystal reported that they recently resurrected Portfolio after a server crash.  They are on Year 3 of their funded graduate fellowships, which have been a huge success.  Sonja also designed a for-credit undergraduate internship.  They are generally one quarter, and for 1-4 units.  She agreed to share an outline of the proposal for the internship for others who would like to use this model.  Finally, she is working on an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Entomology Dept., and will report further on this soon.
    • UCSD – Greg said they are revisiting some legacy VRC projects in Forum to finish them up, and mapping collections from JSTOR Forum to their DAMS.  Almost everything is staying in their DAMS these days – they have not been contributing much recently to Artstor.  Laura (ARLIS N/A President Elect!) said they are focused on unique content, reducing their work on copy cataloging, and working with donors and alumni.
    • UCSB – the IRC space has been renovated into two new rooms with new purposes: the DIL (Digital Image Lab) was finished in 2017, has seating for up to 16 at tables (or 25 without tables), a short-throw interactive projector, two work stations (Mac and PC), and a reading corner.  The larger space, COBRAL (Center for Object Based Research and Learning) was completed in January.  It has wheeled furniture and can be set up for groups or display, with the intention of instruction using museum objects and works from the Architecture and Design Collection at UCSB. The old darkroom has been repurposed as a climate controlled vault, and the entire space is secured with cameras and an alarm (coming soon).


  1. Call for new CDL Resource Liaison for JSTOR Forum
    • Jason Miller has been the RL for Forum and would like to hand this role off to someone new.  Ideally this should be someone actively using Forum, and who is part of the library network.  The duties are very light – just being an information liaison between CDL and UC JSTOR Forum users (and this CKG).


  1. Call for new UCSVR-CKG Co-Chair
    • Lynn Cunningham has asked to step down as the Co-Chair so we are looking for someone to chair with Jackie, who will continue for at least another year.  Duties are very light: distributing information to the email list, organizing 1-2 conference calls per year, updating the wiki and email list when necessary.


Updated March 14, 2019