Meeting Notes


The first meeting of the UC Law CKG was held at AALL on July 17, 2016, in Chicago, IL.  The attendees included Marlene Bubrick (UC Hastings), Marci Hoffman (UC Berkeley), Melody Lembke (UC Irvine) and Jennifer Lentz (UCLA).  One CKG member, Jeremy Spencer (UC Davis), was not able to attend.


Group Purpose

The first topic of discussion was to determine the purpose and goals of our CKG.   Given that there have been no comparable committees in recent memory, the group initially concluded that our main purpose would be to facilitate communication between the UC law libraries on topics both big and small.  Our ultimate goal, it was agreed, would be to form a UC Law consortium to negotiate better prices with vendors.  


Consortium Options

Two databases that came up as possible consortium purchases were the West Academic Study Aids and the Lexis Study Aids.  The group decided that Jenny would approach the West Academic representative and Marci would approach the Lexis representative to inquire about the feasibility of a consortium deal.  



Much of the meeting was focused on the exchange of information about recent purchases and policies in member libraries.  To summarize:

Casebooks:  Berkeley doesn’t buy, Hastings, Irvine and UCLA do purchase.

West LMAs—a ll of the libraries present currently had an LMA.  UCLA and Irvine are up for renewal this academic year, and Hastings renegotiated in January 2016. 

State statutes in print:  Berkeley and Hastings do not own, Irvine has 9 th Circuit, and UCLA has all 50.

ABA Inspections:  Berkeley, Irvine and UCLA are all up for inspection this year.  Hastings was inspected in 2015. 

ProQuest:  Berkeley, Hastings and Irvine have purchased Regulatory Insight.  Berkeley has also purchased Supreme Court Insight. 

E-books:  Hastings has ACLS and EBSCO platforms for ebooks, Irvine, Berkeley and UCLA have Oxford, UCLA, Berkeley and Irvine have Elgar.  All UC libraries exclusive of Hastings have access to the CDL Cambridge ebook package.

Routings/Alerts:  Berkeley routes print, and has an in-house system for e-routing.  UCLA uses JournalTOCs and MyHein and continues to route print.  Hastings also continues to route print.  Irvine does not route print. 

PIA/DDA:  Done at Irvine and UCLA but not at Berkeley and Hastings. 

LLMs:  Irvine just starting a program—curious about impact on the collection.  UCLA indicated an increased need for foreign dictionaries. 


UC Law Librarian Reception at AALL

Marci suggested that at the next AALL meeting the UC CKG host an unofficial gathering for all AALL attendees from the UC Law Libraries.  The purpose behind this gathering would be to enable UC Law public services librarians, tech services librarians and library management to meet and mingle in an informal setting.  This idea was extremely well received by all members present and we look forward to implementing at AALL in 2017.