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Meeting Notes


The second in-person meeting of the UC Law CKG was held at AALL on July 14, 2019, in Washington, D.C.  The attendees included Marci Hoffman, UCB, Melody Lemke, UCI, Ellen Augustiniak, UCI, Jennifer Lentz, UCLA.


Lexis Digital Library

Currently UCB, and UC Hastings have the Lexis Digital Library.  UCI is seriously considering it, and UCLA and UC Davis do not plan to acquire at this time.  The interface has improved in the past few years, and MARC records are provided. 



Discussed the removal of BNA products to Bloomberg and the 1) discontinuation of many of these products which had high research value and 2) the inaccessibility of these products to patrons who do not have access to Bloomberg, particularly the BNA tax portfolios. 



Gale has a new MOML database coming this December, US Court of Appeals Records and Briefs, 1950-1980.  UCI and UCLA expressed interest.  UCB has already purchased.  We discussed possibly getting a consortium rate if all UC’s purchased.  Jenny and Ellen will pursue this fall.  


Wolters Kluwer

All present expressed dismay at high price of Cheetah compared to other major vendors.   UCI and UCB also subscribe to Kluwer Arbitration, which gets heavy use.  


Study Aids

The expense and utility of the various study aid packages was discussed.  Three of the five UC Law Libraries recently acquired the Kluwer study aid package through the consortium deal.  All schools will be watching stats carefully to see which packages are getting the most use. 


We have gotten publicity about the forthcoming CEB Pro but have yet to see it.  We do know that it will be password authenticated.  At this point CEB is still planning on keeping OnLaw.