Reference CKG brief report to SAG 2

Submitted by Cynthia Johnson, UCI

4/20 /15

Structure: co-chairs, with chairs rotating through two years, to provide continuity.

2013/14: Lynn Jones (UCB) / Cynthia Johnson (UCI)

2014/15: Cynthia Johnson (UCI)/ Allison Benedetti (UCLA)

2015/16: Allison Benedetti (UCLA) / TBD

Quarterly conference calls have been occurring regularly.

David Michalski (UCD) provided wiki space at to which the members can post information. Examples of information posted:

  • reference statistics information
  • reference training plans
  • minutes

The CKG’s minutes are also posted on the CKG wiki at

Major areas of discussion in 2014/15

  • Reference statistics: what software does each campus use? What kinds of information does each campus collect? How is this information used? How does each campus count off-the-desk consultations (are they considered reference, for example).
    • There are campuses interested in assessing quality. E.g. what is a quality reference transaction and are we providing it? There is also interest in tracking trends. Can we use tools like statistics to help track trends and ultimately improve services?
  • Staffing models for reference desks: Who is using students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and what are their responsibilities for providing reference assistance?
  • Reference training: how does each campus train new reference providers?
  • Working with visitors at reference desks. Is this a problem? Do individual campuses have policies in place?
  • Report from UCSC about a survey they are doing at their service points to try to better understand the complexity of the questions patrons ask.

Future topics may include:

  • UCLA’s reports about the data they collect and what it tells them about using students at reference desks and the impact on consultations. 
  • UCSC will update us on their survey and on their application for ACRL’s Assessment in Action.
  • UCI will update us on their assessment of their consultation service.