Reference CKG Conference Call

November 25, 2014

Used (thanks to Lynn Jones at UCB)



Cynthia Johnson, Allison Benedetti, Lorna Lueck, Deborah Kegel, Stephanie Tulley, David Michalski, Alison Ray, Frank Gravier, Lynn Jones



  1. Review what we discussed on the last call (10 minutes)
  2. Round-robin from each campus about the following topics:
    1. Service and staffing models
      1. Who is using students (graduate and/or undergraduate) and how do you use them in providing reference assistance?
      2. How are people evaluating the effectiveness of their reference services?
    2. Types of training (how do you train people to provide reference?)



Action Items from 11/25/2014 Conference Call

  1. Everyone post to the wiki )
    1. Screen shots and/or information about your campus’ reference statistics program
    2. Share any documentation you have about reference training
  2. Review wiki documents before next Conference Call
  3. Cynthia will send out Doodle poll in December for a February conference call to continue discussion about staffing models, evaluating effectiveness of reference, training



UCB will probably bring up Springshare’s LibAnalytics in Winter 2015.


UCSB just implemented Desk Tracker. UCSB is opening a Social Science Data Lab in Winter 2015 (soft rollout). This will be the first time data analysis software is loaded on library workstations. They are also trying to set up their own data repository. Reference librarians are becoming involved in data curation and it’s unclear what their role will be. UCSB currently uses students and staff on the reference desk. Wondered show has closed desks or taken librarians off the desk.


UCSD will also be starting LibAnalytics in January 2015.  They are in year 2 of the merged “all-in-one reference desk”. The main desk is staffed with student workers and librarian M-F (9-5?) and student workers and career staff weekends and evenings.


UCD is reducing reference desk staffing as they reorganize. UCM is working towards a shared service point with IT that will be staffed by library students and IT students.


UCI is in the process of AUL for Public Services search. Also may do a pilot this spring to have students staff the Reference Desk.


UCLA is hoping to do a larger ‘re-do’ of their reference statistics program because they are collecting a lot more data than they were collecting before. They hope to bring all of their different statistics together into one place (reference, instruction, faculty interactions). UCLA launched a new website and think that traffic on digital reference is higher.


CDL is interviewing for Ellen Meltzer’s position.


UCSC has a newly created undergraduate experience team made up of 5 people. These five staff most of the reference services. They are also field testing an Ithaka survey on undergraduates, doing an assessment with a modified Read scahle, and have undergraduates in yellow vests provide “roving reference.” Questions these students are answering are pretty basic (e.g. directional or helping find a book).



UC reference statistics reported here: