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July 19, 2019

Notes from Go to Meeting call with Jane Hetherington (Director, Institutional Development and Strategic Partnerships), Deirdre Ryan (Director, JSTOR Forum), and Elizabeth Berenz (Senior Implementation Manager, JSTOR Forum)


Present on the call:

UCB: Lynn Cunningham and Jason Miller

UCLA: Janine Henri

UCR: Krystal Boehlert and Sonja Sekely-Rowland

UCSB: Christine Fritsch and Jackie Spafford

UCI: Jenna Dufour, Madelynn Dickerson, Paul Park and Josh Hutchinson

UCSD: Rachel Liu, Arwen Hutt, and Cristela Garcia-Spitz


The meeting today was intended as a way for all campuses to check in on the status of our licenses with JSTOR Forum, to see what Enterprise level campuses (UCB, UCSD, UCLA and UCSB) are doing, and to see if other campuses (UCD, UCR, UCI, UCSC, UCM) have questions or are considering moving to the Enterprise level.


Quick updates from the four campuses at Enterprise level (note that the administrative structure at each campus is quite different)


Here is the link to the recording of today’s meeting (beginning with Elizabeth’s presentation):


Notes from Elizabeth’s presentation:

-           The Static (legacy) content that has been hosted since our early Shared Shelf pilot project will be migrated to each institution’s 1TB instance of JSTOR Forum at the end of the year; at that point institutions will be able to edit their assets and will no longer be charged a per asset hosting fee.  Non-Enterprise campuses’ assets will be taken down.

-           These free migrations will be offered to all participating campuses (Elizabeth Berenz will reach out to you soon with details). Due to the work required to perform the migrations, they will only be migrating collections after they receive a commitment to a Forum subscription for 2020.

-           Non-Enterprise campuses will still be able to see all Institutional Collections through Artstor.

-           Janine asked what happens with the content that CDL has licensed for system-wide use through Artstor, e.g. Archivision and Saskia.  Not clear – they may make a separate instance of JSTOR Forum for CDL where that content can be hosted.

-           More info to come on these migrations, and Jane et al will be reaching out to each campus

-           New feature coming in 2020: publishing directly to JSTOR – we will set up a call dedicated to this later this year so we can see what it will look like. Each of our collections would have a landing page in JSTOR.


Jason Miller noted that he has developed a workflow to publish content to Calisphere.  He catalogs in JSTOR Forum, publishes to Artstor, reuses metadata to recreate the records in the Nuxio database (set up through CDL), which allows him to publish to Calisphere.  From there he can link each record back to Archive Space.  (He is not sure if this is a scalable process or if the tools are available to all of us.)


UCSD explained how they catalog in JSTOR Forum, then export records in Excel to ingest into their local system.


As follow up to this discussion, each campus is encouraged to arrange a focused call with Jane and Deirdre to address specific questions and issues.