Inclusive Leadership Workshop

15 May 2018


Tips for Interrupting Microaggressions


Interrupting Messages:

        I’m just curious...what makes you ask that?

        I heard you say XXX. What makes you believe that?

        Can you give me some examples?

        XX brings up a good point but I didn’t get to hear all of it. Can XX repeat it?

        I’m wondering what message this is sending her. Do you think you would have said this to a white male?

        When I hear that remark, I’m offended too because I feel that it marginalizes an entire group of people that I work with.

        I don’t think this is funny. Please stop.

        I want to go back to something I heard you say yesterday. I’m wondering what made you ask that/say that


Tips for interrupting microaggressions:

        Use impact and preference statements together

        Separate the person from the behavior - “you’re racist” versus “that could be perceived as racist”

        Try using “what made you” or “how” instead of “why”, which can put people on the defensive

        Think about your own intention versus impact in interrupting the microaggression