Common Knowledge Group Charter Template


1. Summary and Background

<CKG name> is a standing group of experts and pioneers in the area of <knowledge area>.  <CKG name> communicates with and provides support to the UCL Advisory Structure, but it is not a decision-making body.

2. Scope of work

<Define the knowledge area that the CKG is covering; list the fields that although are closely associated with specified knowledge area, will not be covered by this CKG>

3. Key Responsibilities

<CKG name> responsibilities are to:

  • Respond to queries and requests received from the SAGs
  • Gather and share information about environment, project opportunities, new technologies or practices, and local campus developments within the area of <knowledge area>
  • Receive ideas from various UC constituents, discuss them and assess potential for new Systemwide services and/or service improvements
  • Conceive and advance innovative ideas, services, and/or improvements relevant to the University of California Libraries Systemwide Plan and Priorities
  • <any other responsibilities as deemed needed for the <knowledge area> in the limits of the guidelines>


4. Membership and Terms of Appointment

<List of current members, following the CKG guidelines and subject to resource availability for each campus and CDL>

<Term-length for the CKG members>

<Term-length for the chair of the group>

5. Communication responsibilities

<CKG name> communication responsibilities are to:

  • Communicate directly with and receive communications from <list of SAGs whose functional areas correspond to the CKG’s knowledge area>
  • Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports , making them available to the UCL Advisory Structure
  • Send suggestions to develop new ideas, services, or to improve existing operations, services, or practices to <list of SAGs whose functional areas correspond to the CKG’s knowledge area> as Project Proposals following the template in Appendix 2 of the Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs)





6. Meetings


The CKG meets at least quarterly, with irregular communication via an established email list.