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UC African Studies Common Knowledge Group Charter


  1. Summary and Scope of Work

The focus of this CKG is the body of resources that supports the study of and teaching about Africa, primarily in the humanities, social sciences and arts, but not excluding entirely the sciences, law and business. Members of this CKG are those UC Libraries staff members whose job responsibilities include collection development and management of African studies resources or related user services.


This CKG communicates with and provides expert subject support to the UC Libraries Advisory Structure but does not make system-wide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services.


The African Studies CKG facilitates communication amongst librarians and archivists with responsibility for African studies to help coordinate collaborative evaluation, purchasing, and licensing of current and emerging forms of resources needed to support scholarship and teaching relating to Africa and its global diaspora – excluding the Americas – at the University of California.


  1. Key Expectations

The CKG will:

  • Gather and share information about the environment, opportunities, new technologies, best practices, and local campus developments within the field of African studies.
  • Provide input and information to other UC Libraries groups as requested.
  • Conceive and advance innovative ideas and improvements relevant to the UC Libraries’ Systemwide Plan and Priorities.
  • Advise on systemwide licensing or purchasing of new African studies resources, for cross-campus use and sharing.
  • Develop workflows and collaborate on building shareable African studies collections.


  1. Membership and Chair’s Terms of Appointment

Persons interested in joining the African Studies CKG should contact the convener (currently Ruby Bell-Gam: ; 310-825-1518)


Current members:

  • Ruby Bell-Gam (Los Angeles)
  • Adam Clemons (Berkeley)
  • David Michalski (Davis)
  • Patricia Smith-Hunt (Riverside)
  • Kynita Stringer-Stanback (Santa Barbara)
  • (Santa Cruz)


The chair of the African Studies CKG shall be selected by a majority vote of the members, and shall serve a term of 2 fiscal years. A chair may be re-elected for a consecutive term only once . The out-going chair shall be responsible for updating the CKG Charter as necessary with current information.


  1. Communication and Meetings

The African Studies CKG’s communication responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain a listserv for use by the CKG; CKGs with open membership will maintain lists open to all interested UC Libraries staff.
  • Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, accessible to all interested UC Libraries staff.


The African Studies CKG will communicate regularly by email and teleconference.


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