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Agenda for meeting of CKG-CALAFIA @ SALALM62

Sat. May 20, 2017, 2:30-3:45pm

Inn at Michigan League, ML Room C, University of Michigan

Attendees--representatives from UCs, Stanford, CSUs, USC


  1. Welcome and introductions of attendees
  2. Welcome to “newish” members
    • Jose Barragan, named Curator of Latin Americana at the UC Berkeley Bancroft Library, started June 2016.
    • Claude Potts, Librarian for Romance Language Collections and Interim Librarian for Latin American Studies, since 2016
    • Ryan Lynch, Latin American and Iberian Studies Librarian and Interim Global Studies Librarian, started Sept. 2016
    • Other changes for members?


  1. Creation of Common Knowledge Group—CALAFIA
    • Wrote and submitted Charter document to create CKG-CALAFIA on June 30, 2016.
    • CKG-CALAFIA space has two other links – a website area and a wiki/workspace area.  How shall we utilize these pages?
      1. WEBSITE LINK on the CKG-CALAFIA (UC) page connect to the California Cooperative Latin American Collection Development Group at the SALALM website: .  Additional links are:
        1. Mission: contains Statement of Purpose, Goals, Organization  
        2. Resources: contains
          1. Guide to Large Microform Sets on Latin America;
          2. Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO); H
          3. HAPI
          4. Latin America Database;
          5. Finding aids from UCB (Spanish and Mexican California at Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley) and Stanford (Latin American and Mexican American collections at Stanford University).
        3. Membership roster:  needs updating, remove UC Liaison.  Also contains links to member-submitted “Description of the Collection.”
        4. Agreements
        5. History
        6. Links
      2. WIKI/WORKSPACE LINK to CALAFIA Stanford page with several paragraphs on the “History About Calafia and the Mythical Queen of California.
      3. Next steps:
  2. Review and update Calafia directory information for bibliographers and current collecting areas:

See Government information Librarians (GILS) bib group directory information in the format of a LibGuide.  See example at: UC/Stanford Government Information Librarians (GILS): Directory.

  1. How do we keep these directories up to date?  Track weeding of shared purchases?


  • How do we keep these documents and agreements current and up-to-date?
    • Review timeline of cooperation within California per documents on Stanford/Calafia website
      1. Berkeley-Stanford Cooperative Program in Latin American Collection Development, April 1982. 
      2. Brief Guidelines for Collaborative collection development and management among the UC and the Stanford University Libraries, October 1989, revised October 1994
      3. June 1991:  Group met in San Diego to discuss possible cooperative ventures
      4. Calafia:  Memorandum of Agreement North Mexican State Materials, May 17, 1997
      5. Calafia: Memorandum of Agreement South Mexican State Materials, May 17, 1997
      6. Summer 1998?:  Research Library Cooperative Program, Latin American Collections Statement of Principles – University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin. Mentions implementation in Fall 1998.
      7. Guides for previous cooperative purchases: notify Calafia members when/if weeded? See Guide to Large Microform Sets on Latin America [no date]
  1. Campus reports and updates
    • Are you involved in open access initiatives on campus?  The next steps for the UCs are implementation of the Presidential OA Policy which now covers all UC employees, including librarians.  What are the expectations in your institution for input/work on oa issues?
  2. Background information on Common Knowledge Groups and systemwide commitments.

Common Knowledge Groups [Note: date only on pdf]

Guidelines for Common Knowledge Groups (Rev. October 6, 2015) [PDF]


Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) are standing groups of experts or pioneers in areas of interest to the University of California Libraries (UCL). The intention of CKGs is to foster innovation and continuous improvement by providing a venue for staff across campuses and from various levels to exchange ideas and collaborate on systemwide initiatives. Although CKGs may communicate with groups in the UCL Advisory Structure, they are not intended to make systemwide policy decisions, manage projects or project teams, or oversee ongoing services. CKGs are proposed by UC Libraries’ staff who identify an issue, topic, subject, or content format that would benefit from the creation of a cross- ­ campus community. The Direction and Oversight Committee (DOC) provides broad oversight for the CKGs and their registration process.


Key Expectations

1.       Maintain an email list for use by the CKG open to all interested UC Libraries staff.

  1. Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, accessible to all interested UC Libraries staff.
  2. Gather and share information about the environment, opportunities, new technologies, best practices, content, and local campus developments within a defined knowledge area.
  3. Provide input and information to other UC Libraries groups as requested.
  4. Conceive and advance innovative ideas and improvements relevant to the UC Libraries’ Systemwide Plan and Priorities. Ideas for new projects should be presented to DOC for approval through the Project Proposal Template