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Common Knowledge Groups (CKG)

Annual Reporting Template: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014


CKG Name: Cataloging and Metadata Common Knowledge Group (CMCKG)

CKG Chair(s): John Riemer


Overview of CKG Activities


  • Welcomed two dozen members
  • Committed to regular monthly meetings with focus on building up members’ knowledge of cataloging/metadata
  • Shared highlights learned at ALA conferences, PCC CONSER/BIBCO Operations Committee meetings, & April’s OCLC Global Council meeting
  • Learned about UCSD’s data gathering efforts towards developing new cataloger productivity standards
  • Compared the capabilities of two tools for preventing duplicate deposits in the RLFs
  • Compared notes on campus bibliographic data retention practices
  • Heard UC Davis’ initial experiences with the BIBFRAME conversion tool
  • Shared thoughts about our responses to SAG 3’s Shared ILS questionnaire
  • Discussed OCLC’s Webinar “ The Evolution of Linked Data



Additional CKG Information


Launch date: December 10, 2013


Wiki editors: John Riemer, Jim Dooley

Meeting minutes:

Membership roster: