, Zoom Call, 1:00-2:00pm

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Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements or additional agenda items?ALL

10 minEmail Records Statement


Matt has incorporated comments from the Born Digital CKG into the Statement. Review and discuss. Next Steps?

  • Incorporated feedback of adding the ask for policy in the introduction and recommendation of stakeholders in the conclusion
  • Marlayna: it may be helpful to mention stakeholders earlier in the document
  • Teresa: had we previously identified campus IT as a stakeholder?
    • Matt: they were added after the feedback from RMC
    • Teresa: should they be involved in the policy drafting stage?
    • Kevin: policy should be technology agnostic - involving campus IT may deter direction
  • Marlayna: what about administrative involvement? ultimate goal is how do we get this policy established and endorsed?
  • Teresa: Has this gone up to the Digital Preservation Leadership Group? Should that be the next step?
  • Action: Elvia will present this Email Records Statement document to the Digital Preservation Leadership Group and ask if they are interested in drafting a letter of feedback and support
30 minCampus and re-opening updatesALL
  • UCB
    • Reading room is open Monday through Friday - researchers have to schedule appointments
    • Reference librarians are on call one full day a week for fall semester.
    • New student assistants have just been hired in our public services unit, which will be very helpful
    • Will be co-presenting with Christina Velazquez-Fidler on the Blockeley University (Minecraft version of Berkeley campus) next week during the UC Libraries Forum
    • Search for the Bancroft Library director/AUL for special collections has resulted in no appointment - search will be relaunched
    • Gradually trying to bring in pending collections while being extra mindful of staff challenges, space considerations, and a possible protocol change
  • UCD
    • Kevin will present next week during the UC Libraries Forum with colleague discussing a digitization partnership scan theses and dissertations and adding these to Hathi Trust
    • LA3 hiring, Food and Wine Archivist search is half way through; University Archivist position will come up soon
    • Open by appointment only
    • Media attention for a recent faculty papers collection - creator of a black/white Monopoly meant to create empathy 
  • UCI
    • Now fully open
    • First in-person donor meeting today
    • Working on grant partnership with campus group on Prison Pandemic, soliciting letters and phone testimonies during the pandemic; recorded DLF presentation on this topic
    • BitCurator Users Forum last week
  • UCLA
  • UCM
    • Reading room is open
    • Off campus office space will be made available soon
    • Records management had papers of previous chancellors 
    • Short presentation at the UC Library Forum on COVID-19 related archiving
    • New county archives acquisition 
  • UCR
    • Back on campus, catch up on backlog of new materials
    • Updating department website
    • Display of materials from the Tomas Rivera papers in the reading room
    • Contributing to a book chapter
    • Meeting with campus photographer
    • Talking to director of African American center ( ? ) and working on hiring a student assistant
  • UCSD
    • Library is completely open - no evening hours or reservations, it has been manageable
    • Splitting days at Geisel and another site
    • LA4 position is open 
    • Will be presenting with Tori, Kiera on remote digital processing workflows
  • UCSF
  • UCSB
    • Library is fully open
    • Need student workers
    • November 1st UC Electronic Records Day - presenting
    • Head of Special Collections has stepped down to curator - will be doing a search
    • Exhibit opening based on the COVID-19 project
  • UCSC
    • Library is fully open, limited hours due to staffing
    • Community archivist search is wrapping up 
    • Many university archives donors
    • Center for Archival Research and Training (CART) - broadened the scope to include research
5 minWrap up and next meetingKevin

May want to propose a shorter virtual meeting with RMC?

If this does not pan out, we will meet again in January

Action Items

  • Elvia will present this Email Records Statement document to the Digital Preservation Leadership Group and ask if they are interested in drafting a letter of feedback and support
  • Matt will propose a shorter virtual meeting with RMC

Agenda Building

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