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, Zoom Call, 1:00-2:00pm

Zoom Instructions


Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements or additional agenda items?ALL

Marlayna asked if we could record the meeting; objections? None, we will record.

NAGARA UCOP webinar happening September 2, 2021:

5-10 minStudent Handbooks


During the July RMC meeting, there was discussion about retention of student handbooks. These are purged after 7 years (according to the retention schedule). Have any of us ever bring these in to the university archives?

  • What are these student handbooks? (welcome handbooks, maps, general resources)
  • May be useful to learn about historical student services, student conduct code, etc.
  • There may be a practical reasons to dispose them (but university archives should always review even if the retention schedule does not say it)
  • The equivalent of the student handbook may be getting crawled via web archives
  • Matt will ask RMC about sending one copy to the archives 
5 minEmail Records Statement (brief follow up)Matt / others?

Any updates?

  • Born-Digital CKG has given us feedback, but these have not been incorporated 
  • Unclear on whether RMC wants to sign on as our policy sponsor to UCOP - should we forge ahead without RMC's official support?
    • Matt will email Jackie D'Orio for last minute updates and tell her we are going to move on and submit to DOC (to get their sponsorship). Matt will incorporate BDCKG feedback as well.
40 minCampus and re-opening updatesALL
  • UCB
    • Kathi: back in the office already. Yesterday was the first day of fall semester. Bancroft reopened to the general public in mid-July. Starting next week will be back open M-F, 10-4:30.
    • Getting used to UC Library Search. Trainings are happening.
    • University Archives has university history cases, we just finished an exhibit on Cal fiction.
    • Working on an exhibit on the Daily Californian for its 150th anniversary.
  • UCD
    • Kevin: Exhibit on student photojournalism. First as a virtual exhibit but now for physical.
    • Working on two library positions - food and wine archivist (about to post) and university archivist (close to be approved). University archivist position to focus on digital story telling.
    • Presenting at the UC Libraries Forum on VTDs (vintage theses and dissertations)
    • Reopening: ramp up hours for reading room - fall will be M-W appointment only 1-5.
  • UCI
    • Elvia: Exhibit on student campus experiences, slated to be open for the fall 2022. Hiring a student to curate the exhibit.
    • Have been open since early summer, back in the office Sept. 13
    • Reference desk shifts: shifting to once per week, but longer shifts
    • Pilot program: hybrid work schedule (remote and onsite)
    • Law School Dean transition; papers of out-going Dean processed
    • Elvia is on the Digital Preservation Leadership Group; will liaise with UCAC. On collaborations subgroup. 
  • UCLA
    • Heather: new furniture in reading room! Bad news is that HVAC/humidification project is ongoing and is impacting the opening of the reading room. Providing remote/edelivery has worked. UCLA buildings will be open only to UCLA campus members (installing card readers) for the Fall 2022.
  • UCM
    • Jerrold: semester started last week, campus pushed back the start of in person instruction for one week. Housing is not available on campus, many students impacted. Jerrold will be WFH through the end of the fall semester. Some off-campus vacated offices will be used for archival processing. Looking to create space for a reading room.
    • Chancellor papers wound up by records management. Working on transferring these over in the next months.
  • UCR
    • Andrea: Special collections has been open since June for three days a week. Next week we will be open 5 days a week. Will return to campus on September 1st.
    • Website redesign project.
    • Met with director of African American student program. Had the idea of having a student archivist position. Working on a job description. Approved for funding and will post it for graduate students.
    • Planning an exhibit - opening the first day of winter quarter. Not sure about the theme/topic yet.
    • Presented at the Digital Pedagogy Institute - presented with a faculty member from the Hispanic Studies department on a course we collaborated on. A book chapter has been accepted as well.
  • UCSD
    • Marlayna: will provide notes
  • UCSF
    • Polina: will provide notes
  • UCSB
    • Matt: reopening September 1st, staff will go back to campus full time as well. A lot of backlogged acquisitions.
    • Relaunching their born-digital processing program. COVID has impacted this launch. 
    • Volunteered to do electronic records UC-wide, archivist representing university archives. UC-wide webinar happening November 1st. 
  • UCSC
    • Teresa: reopening in the fall quarter, hybrid model with appointment only. T-Th 1-4 drop in hours.
    • In the search of a community archivist position, hope to have the search wrapped up probably mid-quarter.
5 minWrap up and next meetingKevin

UC Libraries Forum will take place on October 27th-29th, so we could meet on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 1 PM

Cancel the Dec call and pick up in January 2022

  • What about our in person joint RMC meeting?

Action Items

  • Matt will email Jackie D'Orio for last minute updates and tell her we are going to move on and submit to DOC (to get their sponsorship).
  • Matt will incorporate BDCKG feedback as well.
  • Kevin will send a calendar invites Oct 21
  • Kevin will cancel the Dec call and pick up in January 2022 

Agenda Building

Next regular meeting: October meeting?