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Discussion items

20minCampus Updates




  • Library has started developing a new strategic plan, working with DeEtta Jones and Associates
  • Will lead a virtual retreat for Archives and Special Collections, postponed from 2020
  • Web archives work continues
  • Student Life in Color, a permanent hanging exhibit of photographs, is in progress, with the department's outreach and instruction librarian


  • Dean of School of Law is departing; reaching out for her papers
  • Working on guidelines for web archiving, with input from UCSC and CKG. Includes outreach to curators.
  • Working with sociology faculty and students: oral histories conducted by students on the topic of COVID-19


  • Athena Jackson has departed the DIrector of Special Collections position; Interim director will be announced soon
  • Library is aligning with the UCLA strategic plan; Jackson made great progress here
  • Libraries can open to 25% capacity now; she's been focusing on virtual outreach


  • Working with campus records manager on policy document for transferring materials to the archives; currently under review by campus counsel
  • COVID-19 archiving (local university documents, procedures, etc.)


  • Event planning: spring quarter event about comics related to COVID-19. Invited speakers include an artist with a medical degree and a web comic series creator. Also a UCR professor will lead a workshop.
  • Archiving social media sites, which has been challenging. Open to advice. Web Recorder is suggested for social media.
  • Records management work continues, especially for COVID-19 records crosswalk (She is .50 FTE records manager.)
  • Grant: Teaching with Our Stuff; worked with professor in Spanish department



  • Library is working on a strategic plan
  • Moving legacy finding aids into ArchivesSpace
  • Digitizing class photos and other university archives material to support virtual events
  • New position recruitment in archives; will share announcement


  • Matt is serving on group selecting campus course catalog vendor
  • Application for CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources) grant Recordings at Risk is in for campus radio recordings (will find out in April)
  • Otherwise, planning ahead for outreach and archival acquisitions 
  • Angel Diaz is the new CEMA (California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives) archivist


  • Departmental review and larger library strategic planning is underway
  • Library is starting to explore reopening in spring; may be looking for advice from other campuses about reopening

15minDraft UC Policy on Research Data and Tangible Materials Discussion@Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez

Draft Presidential Policy on UC Research Data and Tangible Research Materials:

"Points Considered" document:

Comments and Questions from UCI University Archives staff (AEY / EAR)

  • The “Points Considered” document states that the “University has a detailed records retention schedule specific to administrative records. Research Data, however, are not included in that schedule.” 

    • Question for UCAC: do we feel the above is true? There are some sections of the RRP that are very clear: "Faculty research materials, those records that document principal investigators’ actual research activities such as notebooks and raw data, are not included in the UC Records Retention Schedule" but with this policy should there, at the very least, be a cross reference to the policies (i.e. look at Question 2 in the FAQ)

    • At what point will Research Data and Tangible Research Materials be considered inactive, under review for University Archives, or destroyed? 

  • How will the Policy or future policy guidance identify how PIs and/or campuses provide restricted, mediated, and/or open access to Research Data and Tangible Research Materials? 

    • Which unit(s) will be responsible for maintenance and stewardship of these materials if they are abandoned by PIs? What about joint projects with multiple PIs, including those at non-UC campuses? 

    • While specific systems and practices may not be part of the Presidential Policy itself, where or how might PIs find training and/or resources to successfully apply systems/practices for maintenance and retention of Research Data? 

  • How will the policy or future policy guidance address efforts to build a systemwide research data infrastructure, specifically the University of California Curation Center (UC3)? 

    • How can readers of this policy be directed to digital preservation infrastructure resources that are available on each campus and/or systemwide? 

  • How will the policy or future policy guidance provide clarification on the Delegation of Authority for PI compliance with Research Data? If compliance is determined on a campus-by-campus basis, will future policy guidance provide framing questions for delineation of roles, responsibilities, and resources? 

  • The draft policy states: “Sequester or otherwise obtain access to Research Data and Tangible Research Materials for an investigation, inquiry or investigation pursuant to University policies, legal processes, and/or regulatory or funder requirements.” However, the “Procedures” section of the policy does not indicate how the Vice Chancellor for Research will store or sequester the data.

  • “Points Considered” mentions “should further resources be helpful on this point, we can address them in subsequent policy guidance.” 

    • It would be helpful to have a timeline for when subsequent policy guidance for this might be developed.


Elvia and Audra Eagle Yun, present the topic:

  • Overview of Draft Policy
  • UCOP Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC):
  • Audra: The "Points Considered" document presents an unclear mandate about how the university does or does not keep research data. It doesn't lay out a process for consulting with university archivists or similar records custodians. It seems like it should reference libraries in some way. The basic question: How should UCAC be involved or bring it to RMC?
  • Heather: This policy draft came up at the January RMC meeting; campuses had been approached unevenly for feedback. Heather supports more mention/cross-referencing with library policies and resources for data management and also scholarly resources support.
  • Polina: Health campuses have been grappling with this for many years. There is ambiguity due to varying requirements from funders and the diverse nature of the data and tangible research materials. Agrees that libraries should consult, but not necessarily steward the data.
  • Heather: We do want records of funded grants.
  • Heather: Don't assume that your colleagues on campus working with data management have seen this document.
  • Kathi: UCB's Vice Chancellor for Research has shared the draft policy for feedback.
  • Next steps: Heather, Matt, and Polina are willing to work with Audra on feedback that represents UCAC.

15minCollecting photographs from students

@Matthew Stahl

Matt: we can push this to next time, but it has to do with UC Education Abroad Program and photos submitted through that program. The UC office for this program is located at UCSB, so they archive study abroad. Recently, issues have come up regarding privacy and international law. (Ran out of time for discussion)
  • Next meeting is April 22.
  • Marlayna followed up on email policy statement; Matt will work on conclusion.
  • No word right now on joint meeting with RMC (Laurie Sletten will be back in March.)

Action Items

  • Heather, Matt, and Polina forming subgroup with Audra Eagle Yun to craft UCAC response to Draft Presidential Policy on UC Research Data and Tangible Research Materials
  • Move collecting photographs from students item to 4/22 agenda
  • Matt will work on finishing conclusion to email policy document

Agenda Building

Next regular meeting: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 1:00-2:00pm.


  1. For next UCAC meeting agenda:

    UCI Universitywide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures feedback

  2. For next UCAC meeting agenda:

    UC's Native American Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation Policy (open comment due May 31):