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Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives

OCLC updates

As a subgroup of Resource Management FG, members from UCSD, UCLA, and UCB will continue to load and test OCLC updates in the Test Load

  • UCLA will be excluding Special Collections records (and some other record groups) from the updates at this time since they are still doing clean-up of local data in non-local fields
  • It was pointed out that OCLC update decisions could have implications for whether or not other local campuses link their Special Collections records to the NZ
  • So far, in testing OCLC updates, several noted that the positives outweigh the negatives

Use of 340 and other 3xx for rare materialsMichelle

The Music CKG is looking at faceted search options in Primo and are exploring making use of music related data in some of the 34x and 38x fields for faceting.  Are any campuses routinuely using the 340 or other 3xx for coded data on rare materials that could be potential facets? 

  • Some use among group, but nothing substantial
  • Primo often facets based on multiple fields so it may not be necessary to add extra 3xxs
  • Could potentially use MARCedit RDA helper to generate 3xx for batch updates
    • TJ will do some experiments
  • We can revisit this topic post-migration

Action items