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Discussion items

General announcements
  • Feedback sent to Resource Management Functional Group; added note that some campuses felt they do not have enough information about the SpCol NZ linking

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Group will be voting this week and next week on decisions, incorporating our feedback
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • Troubleshooting and looking at tests to run in the Vanguard load
    • Waiting for Resource Management Functional Group recommendations/decisions
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • This Thursday: special meeting with Ex Libris on Aeon integration

OCLC updates (discussion)

Should campuses overlay their records with current OCLC records before migration?


  • Nina: loss of data if record was updated locally but not in OCLC
  • Josh F.: local institutions' data in OCLC record but not tagged as local
  • Quality of old records in OCLC
  • Martha: hesitant to perform a lot of cleanup like this when another campus' records may be loaded first anyway


  • Randy: could receive more up-to-date records overall if a campus loads first that updated from OCLC before migration (compared to if they originally had an older/less enhanced version of record)

Plans so far

  • Michelle: UCSD is targeting a specific group of records that need updating since can't update everything
  • TJ: dividing by time period to overlay; might use MarcEdit or World Share
  • Josh H.: UCI discussed this in 2019 but decided not to proceed due to SILS

Contributing Special Collections Records to NZ

(continued discussion)

Discussion of general workflow for cataloging in Network Zone (post-migration)

TJ: campuses need to revise (with an extension) or temporarily move 035 to another field if they do not want SpCol records to link to NZ

Josh F./Randy: UCLA & UCB have records with both special collections and SRLF/NRLF holdings, in addition to local circulating copies

TJ: patrons may be confused by appearance of multiple records for same title in Primo if several campuses keep their SpCol in IZ (if deduping is turned off)

Action items