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Videotaped lectures

These are posted at this link as they are filmed. (UCSF login required)

Useful background reading

Mike Davidson's Websites



Lectures are held in Rock Hall 102 from 10-11:30 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Schedule (subject to change; slides will be linked here as they become available):

  1. April 2:  Lecture 1: What is light; the transmitted light microscope (Kurt Thorn)

  2. April 4: Lecture 2: Resolution and objective corrections (Kurt Thorn)

  3. April 9: Brightfield contrasting; Phase / DIC (Orion Weiner)

  4. April 11: Fluorescence and fluorescence optics (Nico Stuurman)

  5. April 16: Cameras, detectors, and light sources (Nico Stuurman)

  6. April 18: PSF, resolution, and fourier optics (Kurt Thorn)

  7. April 23: Immunofluorescence, small molecule dyes, Qdots, etc. (Kurt Thorn)

  8. April 25: Fluorescent proteins (Kurt Thorn)

  9. April 30: Optical sectioning: Confocal (Kurt Thorn)

  10. May 2: Optical sectioning: TIRF, 2p and SPIM (Kurt Thorn)

  11. May 7: Special techniques: FRAP, FRET, FLIM, etc. (Holly Aaron)

  12. May 9: Optical sectioning: Deconvolution (David Agard)

  13. May 14: Super-resolution: STED and SIM (Bo Huang)

  14. May 16: Super-resolution: Localization Microscopy (Bo Huang)

  15. May 21: Fluorescent reporters and probes (Mark von Zastrow)

  16. May 23: Live Cell Imaging and Phototoxicity (Kurt Thorn)

  17. May 28: Optical Control of Living systems (Orion Weiner)

  18. May 30: Intravital microscopy and 2 photon (Max Krummel)

  19. June 4: Image Analysis (Nico Stuurman)

  20. June 6: Electron Microscopy (Yifan Cheng)

Image Analysis Lab

For the image analysis lab, you will need to download and install the Fiji distribution of ImageJ. Fiji is free and available for both Macs and PCs. The download the manual and files below.

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