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The information below reflects the features of the program before the COVID-19 pandemic required adaptations to protect our participants from risk of infection. These features are similar to the post-pandemic version of MISCI, but not identical. These were in effect through December, 2019.

How does it work?

People ages 18+* may be eligible to participate in the Spring MISCI Pilot for Creative Engagement (MISCI-PCE) with the following features

  • Pre-program training and matching

    (lightbulb)Learn about brain health and how best to minimize bias and maximize productive collaboration across differences. Get matched with another younger participant and an older participant who will be your MISCI partners.

  • Creative project development and just-in-time support

    (lightbulb)Develop your project together with your MISCI partners in 2 meetings/month. Connect with other students and project leads for additional training, trouble-shooting, and mutual support. Share the creative project at the final celebration.

  • Reflection 

    (lightbulb)In short journal entries, ongoing coaching and training, and brief surveys, consolidate your learning.

  • Certification

(lightbulb)Participants who complete the program successfully will earn a MISCI-PCE Certificate from the Global Brain Health Institute. For details, look at our MISCI-CE Certification requirements

How much time does it take?

Younger participants engage in 

  • seven hours of in-person training (4 hours pre-program; 3 hours mid-program)
  • up to four just-in-time pre-meeting training or coaching sessions
  • six project development meetings with older partner (two per month)
  • six brief post-visit journal entries taking no more than thirty minutes per entry
  • one two-hour showcase

for a total of 24 to 28 hours of total time commitment over the course of three months. Feel fee to look at the current draft of our Spring 2020 schedule, but please note that dates and times may shift between now and October.

*A select number of people aged 16-17 may also be eligible to participate with permission from a parent/guardian.

Click here for slides to learn more. (Press "return/enter" to advance the slide.)

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