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  1. Navigate to .

  2. Sign in with your DPH IN credentials.

  3. Acknowledge the DUO push to your selected secure device.

  4. Wait while the Webconnect Host Checker loads and searches for the application launcher to finish.

  5. When prompted, download the application launcher and install it.  Go to your downloads folder then double-click the file that you just downloaded (e.g., PulseSecureAppLauncher.msi., etc.).

  6. Click OK to acknowledge that the Pulse Secure Application Launcher has been installed.

  7. The next step takes you to the the DPH Webconnect web portal.  Click My DPH Desktop or Access DPH Desktop with Single Sign On to establish a remote connection to your workstation.




  8. The Launch Application window appears.  Select Pulse Secure Application Launcher then click the Open link button.

  9. In the Webconnect secure certificate warning, select Yes to proceed.

  10. When prompted if you want to contact the server, install or execute software from the server, select Always.

    Note:  You only have to perform the last 2 steps above during the initial setup.  By clicking Always, you will be able to bypass these screens on subsequent reconnect attempts.

  11. Wait for the Pulse Secure Application Launcher to finish installing the client module.

  12. When prompted for your Windows Security credentials, log in with your DPH IN, UCSF SOM or CAMPUS domain account and password.

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