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Discussion items

 25 min

 Shared Print for Reference (retrospective & prospective)


 The Reference CKG can nominate between 5,000 to 10,000 volumes (not titles).

The spreadsheet is limited to class Z in the LC class table with keywords searched: annual, dictionary, directory, encyclopedia, handbook, index, register, and yearbook.

Each Tab:

  • Column S: estimate number of a volumes of a journal family (including title changes)
  • Column T: number of UC campuses with holdings
  • Column X: other shared print initiatives that have included this journal family

Four tabs:

  • LC Class (summary): at journal family level, will not show the individual titles included in the family or the individual campus holdings.
  • LC Class (campus): at title/campus level, can see multiple holdings for each journal family.
  • Keywords (summary): keywords searched: annual, dictionary, directory, encyclopedia, handbook, index, register, and yearbook. At the journal family level, not at individual titles or individual campus holdings.
  • Keywords (campus): at title/campus level, able to see multiple holdings for each journal family

Nominate titles for share print program, serial titles; we may be able to ask for monographs.  If it is in the list, it is considered a serial.

Joseph created a preliminary list.

Library science titles are not necessarily reference.  Other subjects would better align with other subjects.

Joseph recommends starting with the keywords (summary) tab.

Outcome: Contribute 5 - 10,000 volumes for consideration.  Look at the Keywords (summary) tab and see if they are on target for shared print.  How many libraries should hold the title? What reference titles in print need to be saved?

Obtain other reference books but using the sub-heading of directories.  There are standard sub-headings for reference books.

A campus can choose whether or not to contribute their holdings to JACS or not.

This endeavor could involve input from more groups and librarians.

No reference librarians at RLFs; however, talk to a subject librarian at another campus to consult the reference materials.

Range across UC = number of volumes there are. Column T are the number of campuses who hold it. Column X refers to the title being in other shared initiatives.

Are there strong objections to any titles? This means that we don't think the title should be nominated for JACS. 

Checking in with subject specialists would make sense.

JACS (Journal Archiving Campaign Service) nominate the titles and then send to campuses for approval.  The campus can have the option to hold onto certain titles.  If the campus did not contribute then their campus will not be part of the initiative.

Deadline: March 31st(first pass)

  • Joseph will create this spreadsheet in Google Drive. Comment on the Keywords (Summary). Exclude Library Science call number. May add directories OR add a new spreadsheet for the directories.
  • Identify titles not worth saving/nominated or those that are not a reference title. 
15 min

Desired Reference Titles

  • Do we wish to negotiated a group discount?
  • Potential Tier 1 or Tier 2?
  • CREDO (has CQ Press, SAGE content etc.)
  • UC Merced subscribes to CREDO reference.
  • CREDO will integrate with discovery systems/services. Tested it with PRIMO VE and the integration worked well.
  • UCI liked the content but it was expensive as an annual subscription e.g. $20,000+.
  • CREDO Rep. Clark Turner
  • Can CREDO exclude titles that we've already purchased? (UCLA). It does not sound like there are price breaks for only X titles.
  • Seems to be interested by some campuses but it comes down to $. Many campuses have to cancel something to get something new.
  • How will a new ILS pull together reference materials we already have? 
  • Tier 2 process, CDL information & Holly Eggleston as contact.
  • What would it mean as a Tier 2?  To explore this, need a lead campus. Abby will check at UCB about taking this on. 
5 minOne-Time Purchases

Are there one-time purchases in reference that this group would like to pursue? e.g. Wiley Major Reference works (STEM, Communication)

Next year we could talk about one-time purchases in advance. CDL had a call for items, already closed.
15 minCampus News

UC Davis - Research Support Services

  • split into two departments: Research Services (faculty, graduate students) & Student Services (professional, students, instructors)


  • some of the former programs are coalesced together
  • Academic Liaisons program includes Reference and Instruction Librarians (primarily librarians without support staff)
  • InfoDesk Providers part of the Access, Ops and Spaces (combined info and checkout desk)
  • modeling lobby of Geisel Library, start with merged service desk
  • Data, GIS, Digital Humanities will join with some of the Digital Collections
  • currently recruiting for two AULs
  • desire for non-appointment reference service, reference will be right off the entrance
  • expecting a year of transition


  • reorg last August with three new departments: Collection Strategist, Research & Engagement (subject specific instruction), Teaching & Learning (undergrad info lit instruction; instructional design)
  • last two departments include reference in job description
  • merged reference and circulations desks; eventually a triage approach with students as first point of contact > access services staff / library assistants; eventually librarians will be on call in the afternoon; later will use LibCal to book research consultations
  • no longer teaching a credit-bearing course

Action items