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  • October 23, 2019: Calisphere/Shared DAMS/OAC Update

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  • UCB: Julie Musson

  • UCI: Adrian Petrisor

  • UCM: Alisak Sanavongsay, Kelsey Raidt, Emily Lin

  • UCR: Kevin Comerford, Noah Geraci, Eric Milenkiewicz, Steven Mandeville-Gamble

  • UCSC: Rachel Jaffe, Sue Perry

  • UCSD: Gabriela Montoya, Cristela Garcia-Spitz, Matt Peters

  • UCSF: Charlie Macquarie

  • CDL: Matthew McKinley, Justin Gonder, Lisa Schiff, Brian Tingle, Christine Kim, Amy Wieliczka, Barbara Hui, Adrian Turner, Paul Fogel


Discussion items

TopicIn briefAction
Round robin of campus updates and announcements
  • UCB: Implementing new DAMS (TIND)

  • UCM: Processing, digitizing, and working on publishing (Nuxeo->Calisphere) UC Cooperative Extension Humboldt collection -- 1477 items, soil and tinder map records, in response to floods in 1955 and 1964, annual reports, etc. This collection is almost up! Is on test right now. Graduate student research project: scanning Native American basket collection, planning to manage the objects in Nuxeo -- and share with community members. Also digitized 150,000 pages for UCSF, as part of AIDS History Project

  • UCR: Wrap-up of collaborative CLIR grant, with Sherman Indian Museum, ~14,000 items. Includes some metadata only records (800 items), due to privacy and also cultural sensitivity considerations: 

  • UCSC: Working on Samvera back-end projects. In-progress of migrating CONTENTdm collections to Samvera. Digitizing audio recordings with MediaPreserve

  • UCSD: Virtual Reading Room demo -- request access via finding aid, fulfilled via UCSD DAMS. Example: . Workflow includes: 1) user submits request, 2) request shows up in request queue, 3) Route → Awaiting VRR access, 4) Status options include: Awaiting VRR access; VRR Access processing; Available to use in VRR; VRR Access expired. Option to expire or renew a request. User receives a notification with a token, and they can view the item within the browser -- DAMS provides fulfillment

    • Question: Can a user request a full set of materials? Or only item-specific requests? Currently supports only item-specific requests.

    • Can the items be downloaded? Can download, but pdf’s include a “do not duplicate” watermark. Audio/video are streaming, so there is no obvious way to download.

  • UCSD: New collection: Mexican broadsides: (also Suggest need to revisit the types of access modes on Calisphere. Codify what the scope and policies are around what we’re supporting on Calisphere -- openly available content

  • UCSF: Hosted "Memory Lives on Symposium"; most of the content from this multi-year project has been digitized and published through Calisphere. Stored collection, in bulk, in Dryad -- collections as data approach, for computational analysis

New collections and contributors on Calisphere
Non-book mass digitization assessment & info-gathering
  • Applying book mass dig approaches to non-book special collections materials

  • Conducted a couple of digitization projects with UCR and UCSC

  • Getting back into looking at that again, rethinking what that work includes.

  • Over the next month or so: will be reaching out to a range of campus library contacts, to gather information re: digitization priorities and approaches/activities, understand needs for mass-dig approaches to unique materials. Are there unmet needs? Focusing on two groups: HOSC as well as teams responsible for digitization initiatives.

    • Question: Any formats that you're particularly focusing on? Not limiting to formats, but need to get an understanding of what can be achieved

    • Question: What were the initial goals for the pilots? Have you disseminated the outcomes? Will be sharing info -- what worked, what didn't; what changed/impact on workflows

OAC/Calisphere new programming
  • We have lots of check-in points with UC campus libraries re: OAC/Calisphere/Nuxeo -- but thinking about programs to support new and prospective OAC/Calisphere contributors

  • New year: launching a new set of programs -- info sessions, office hours, webinars, and tutorials

  • (See slides for pilot scheduling)

  • Suggested priority topics: 1) Publishing workflow from Nuxeo->Calisphere, 2) overview of OAC/Calisphere, for new staff, 3) "How things work" -- for administrators, IT staff (e.g., what Nuxeo is, what Calisphere is). Such as how the services interact, and service infrastructure.

Nuxeo → eScholarship integration
  • Proposing a new roadmap item to build a Nuxeo to eScholarship endpoint. The result would be that digital content managed in Nuxeo can be published in either Calisphere or eScholarship as a destination

  • UCSC is currently publishing oral histories on eScholarship:

  • UCI and UCSF have potential use cases for this workflow: 1) UCI is currently maintaining a collection of oral histories on DSpace, and would like to manage them on Nuxeo. Also is digitizing Dept. of Computer Science technical reports. 2) UCSF: "Memory Lives On" symposium -- the proceedings managed in eScholarship