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  • I'm excited about this CKG for the collected wisdom. I've only just started doing collection development with my current position and I'm still learning a lot. I'm part of the Performing Arts CKG and that's been helpful in discovering/talking about resources. I'm five years into being a librarian and still feeling very new. Our campus is very STEM/data heavy so it'll be nice to connect to more colleagues in the humanities!

  • I'd love this CKG to connect us all with each other and serve as an informal way for us to find out what our peers are doing. There have been many times when I've wondered how some recent change might be affecting UC librarians who work in literature, such as the recent transition of MLA to EBSCO, and I'd love to hear how folks are negotiating these types of things.

  • Our former bibliography group for UC literature librarians (nicknamed UClitbibs) was very active and very collaborative, and it's my hope that this newly-formed CKG will continue the tradition of serving as a collaborative, consultative, and social group.  We have a wonderful and diverse group of experts in this CKG and I'm looking forward to tapping your collective knowledge when I have questions.  And I often have questions.

  • I am looking forward to working with librarians who may have more subject expertise in literature.  Since I do have so many subjects to cover, there are a few where I am not as familiar with resources and practices.  I am particularly interested in strategies and guidelines for weeding a fiction/literature collection.  

  • I was hoping for more opportunities to combine arts and humanities CKGs, as there is a lot of overlap in collections and so many of us have multiple roles, but this option doesn't seem to agree with these various CKG members.

  • I hear that UCs are working hard to bring SILS about, which is projected to launch in 2021. When the said ‘integrated library system’ is in place, people say that the CKG role in it will be very important. I want us to build a convenient communication conduit amongst us to discuss the collection strategies in the years to come, deciding on 1st tier purchase, and regarding 3rd tier, sharing information on who has what, etc. I’m still very new, so I hope to learn a lot from every member of this CKG.

  • I’m always learning something new and enjoy working with English Department faculty and students. They’re the ones that made this a dream job.

  • Just looking forward to hearing what everyone’s up to!

  • I am looking forward to working with those who have more expertise in this subject. 

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