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  • June 26, 2019: Calisphere/Shared DAMS/OAC Update

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  • UCI: Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez, Jolene Beiser, Justin Chou, Audra Eagle Yun, Paul Park, Adrian Petrisor, Jimmy Zavala

  • UCSD: Gabriela Montoya
  • UCR: Kevin Comerford, Noah Geraci, Steve Mandeville-Gamble, Eric Milenkiewicz
  • UCM: Emily Lin, Jerrold Shiroma
  • UCB: Julie Musson
  • CDL: Barbara Hui, Christine Kim, Eric Lopatin, Lisa Schiff, Brian Tingle, Adrian Turner, Amy Wieliczka

Discussion items

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Calisphere complex objects 2.0, IIIF, Mirador 3

Presented by: Barbara Hui, Christine Kim, Amy Wieliczka, CDL

Presentation slides

  • We're strongly considering work on the Calisphere complex object viewer enhancements to be included on our 2019/20 roadmap

UCI "Transforming Knowledge, Transforming Libraries" community archiving webform

Presented by: Justin Chou, UCI

  • UCI is developing a simple account-restricted webform that can be used by interns and community archives to add individual objects into Nuxeo (in lieu of directly adding objects to Nuxeo through the UI). The form includes a small set of discovery metadata fields and an option to upload a file. The resulting objects will be deposited into a project folder in Nuxeo, which UCI Library Special Collections & Archives staff review – and can mediate for publication through to Calisphere.
  • Utilizes HTML, CSS, and React Javascript
  • This fall, UCR Library will also be exploring opportunities to work with local community archives – could also potentially utilize a simple UI to deposit content into Nuxeo
  • Will plan for a follow-up presentation, once the application has been tested and is ready to roll out

UCR approach to providing mediated access to culturally sensitive materials

Presented by: Eric Milenkiewicz and Noah Geraci, UCI

Presentation slides

  • UCR has been working with the Sherman Indian Museum on a CLIR collections grant
  • Approx. 700 objects require restrictions, for reasons including: privacy, cultural sensitivity, and/or copyright
  • Goal was to provide metadata access, while restricting access to content file
  • Created a placeholder image (harvest to Calisphere), store "real" content files in DAMS (not harvested to Calisphere), and provide context using metadata fields
  • Please let us know if you have other use cases for providing mediated access to digital content through Calisphere