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  • The group 'confluence-users' includes everyone with a UC login (includes non-UC and non-UCSF users). This group's membership cannot be displayed with the User List macro detailed below. If you see this group listed in the Groups section of your space's Permissions page, it means that anyone with a UC login can access your space.

Managing User Permissions using Custom Space User Management:

InstructionsClick screenshots to enlarge
  • To create a new user group or rename/delete a user group for your space, use the Custom Space User Management option in Space Tools.

  • New user group: click on "Create Group".

  • Name your user group: please note that your user group name is automatically prefixed by your Wiki Space's key

  • Once your user group is created, it will appear under your list of groups for your space.
  • Grant permission to the newly-created group via Space Tools > Permissions. Permissions granted to the user group will apply to all users in the user group.

Please note that granting permissions to user groups works similarly to granting permissions to individuals.

  • To add individual users in the user group, select the user-group name on the left side of the page and then, click on "Add User".

  • To remove user/users, select the user-group name on the left side of the page then select the name of the user you want to remove from the group, then click on "Remove user".

  • To rename or delete user group, click on the appropriate button on the page.

To Display Membership of your User Group:

InstructionsClick screenshots to enlarge
To get the name of the group whose membership you want to view, go into your space, click the Space Tools menu (bottom left) and select Permissions.

Find the name of the group in the Groups section and copy it.

Create a new wiki page in your space by clicking the 'Create' button and calling the page 'Group Membership' (or something similar).

Click the 'Insert more content' button on the editing toolbar and select the 'Other macros' option.

Type 'user list' into the search box and then select the 'User List' macro that appears.

Paste or type the group name into the 'Group(s)' field and then click the 'Insert' button.

Click the 'Publish' button to publish the page.

The page now displays the membership of the user group.

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