Downtime Notice

The wiki will be unavailable on Wednesday, May 15, from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM while we upgrade our wiki software.

Upgrade Notes

On May 15, we'll be upgrading our Confluence wiki software to version 6.13. This upgrade will provide several new and improved features:

For full documentation of new features and improvements, see the Confluence Release Notes for all versions from Confluence 6.7 to Confluence 6.13.

If you have any questions or comments about the upgrade, please email the wiki administrators.

Mobile App

There is a Confluence Mobile app for iOS and Android that can be used to access Wiki@UCSF once we’ve completed the upgrade.  Unlike the current experience of viewing the wiki in a mobile web browser, the app will allow you to edit pages and use many of the other regular wiki features without having to switch from mobile to desktop viewing mode.  Please note that the app requires login, so those spaces which are public will not be accessible to anonymous users via the app (although they will still be accessible via a mobile web browser).

Edit Files

The new Edit Files feature allows you to edit attached files using your preferred desktop application and automatically save the edited version back into the wiki.  You’ll no longer have to download the attached file, edit, save, and re-attach it to the wiki page.  This feature requires an Atlassian Companion app, which you’ll be prompted to install when you attempt to use the feature.

Fresh Look

The colors, typography, and icons have been updated to provide a refreshed look and feel.  The interface layout remains the same, so you’ll still be able to navigate the wiki just as you do now.

Editor Menu

A new ellipsis menu in the editor footer gives you more control over your editing experience, including the ability to preview, view changes, revert or delete without leaving the editor.

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