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  • April 24, 2019: Calisphere/Shared DAMS/OAC Update

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UC harvesting updates

UCSF Oral History Collection published. Several new UCR and UCSD library collections slated for publication 

 Non-UC harvesting updatesAdditional CA Revealed collections (multiple), includes UCSC library collection; San Diego Air & Space Museum (can now harvest from Flickr albums) 
California Revealed

Every year they put out a call to libraries archives museums in the state that have at risk or historical collections to digitize (images, newspapers, AV materials, etc) – nominate collections through an application process. If your application is approved, they have a workflow to mediate outsourcing your materials to a vendor.

California State Library is running Islandora. And they publish it through the Internet Archive, and we’re pushing those through to Calisphere.

Harvester issues

Harvester issues with updating CouchDB/metadata repository - pause on harvests last week (UC Nuxeo collections that were in-progress to test site, UCD collection in-progress to test site).

Ran into some hiccups with the harvester on CouchDB which picks up the metadata. Took a little time to troubleshoot and debug.

OAC Linux 2 Migration

Have to migrate OAC from one set of Linux machines to another set of Linux machines.

May need to be down for a weekend for no new finding aid submissions.

And will need to test out all the connections.

Community forums

OAC/Calisphere Contributor Help Center - community forums:

A way to post discussion topics, ask for suggestions, get a temperature read on any service changes.

Not ideal to have to go to so many different places to manage conversations... Need better alert systems (how do folks know about new topics without monitoring the forum?) And better display/organization of forum topics.

Highlighting forum topic from Kelsey Raidt (UCM)  -- reconcile Calisphere/DAMS upload inconsistencies and how to identify fixes.

Join the discussion!

Extent stats on Nuxeo

How often do you need to calculate that? On demand basis, this time needed for ARL statistics.

How to to get extent stats for content in Nuxeo:

Next call: June 26Our scheduled call in May coincides with UC DLFx activities. Our next call will be on June 26.

SCA this week! Join us at the OAC/Calisphere Contributors brown bag lunch.