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  • 2019-03-14 Webrecorder webinar notes
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  • Kathryn Stine

  • Elvia

  • Tori

  • Rosalie

  • Kathryn

  • Julie

  • Kris Kasianovitz (Stanford/ team)

  • Eric

  • Jennifer

  • Kevin


  • Learn about the Webrecorder web archive capture and playback tools.

Discussion items

5 minAdministriviaKathryn
  • Note that CDL will be reaching out to Archive-It contacts towards the end of March/early April to establish Archive-It subscription needs fro the 2019-2020 subscription year (runs June 1, 2019-May 31, 2020).
  • Thanks to Tori and Rachel for working up the UCDLFx Web Archiving birds of a feather lunch discussion group proposal!
  • If you have an idea for and/or inclination to lead a topic exploration for the WACKG April meeting, share this with the listserv or reach out to Kathryn.
55 min Webrecorder webinar Anna Perricci, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships Webrecorder

 webinar recording:

Anna worked on launching Ivy Plus collaborative web archiving collecting initiative, working with web archiving since 2007

Can download Webrecorder software and get it in a Docker container to run locally, is browser-based public tool, also they host a player app to support playback/review.

Over 5,000 registered users! support from Mellon Foundation now

High fidelity web archiving - focus on similarity between source and captured content, look and feel

Human scale - optimized for Firefox and Chrome, can capture interactive content, but needs to be triggered (by a human clicking, engaging), benefit - you get content that a crawler would miss.

Anyone can use Webrecorder - it’s free! Optional account set up and authentication.

Webrecorder is not a screen recorder, but conducts human-guided captures

Can only navigate content within one collection at a time (benefit is tight curatorial control, challenge may be when/where hit boundaries)

Collections can be kept private or made public

Good for interactive content, A/V, and Javascript (hard for trad crawlers to capture)

Social Media - good with Instagram and Twitter, FB is hard. What about individualized/personalized content? Ensure that your log in credentials for webrecorder are distinct from other accounts you have, especially social media.

To set up capture, enter URL, add to collection, can use emulated browsers, and add session notes.

For social media feeds, can use autoscroll, say for small version of IG images :) (NB: doesn’t get full size and caption, comments unless you click on these as you go.)

Can organize captured content into lists that can be incorporated into collections

Q from Elvia: Lists are good for teaching or presenting? Are those the use cases? A: Yes, those are good ones.

Use case for Webrecorder: Ivy Plus State Elections Web Archive - needed to use to capture candidate’s Wix sites that Archive-It couldn’t get.

Q from Eric: How does Webrecorder handle files on sites, e.g., PDFs - do you need to click on them? A: Yes.

Can “manage sessions” - edit notes, delete, etc.

Can also upload or download collections as WARCs (e.g., to add to an Archive-It collection)

Webrecorder player can function w/out live connection

The playback engine uses python wayback (PyWB) to show, could embed into repository (CMS) discovery layer as an iframe; working with Islandora for All folks to incorporate into it.

Future for webrecorder - will be offering subscription based service that offers value of automated process functionality, also removing rate limits. Before that, rolling out “supporters of Webrecorder” to access these features as they develop. Will be looking to provide value-add services for subscriptions such as local customization. Want to provide more options for managing and sharing collections. (NB can bring in pages recorded from other tools to integrate within a curated collection)

Has been working with Stanford University Press to record digital publications (e.g., those published with Scalar). Another use case for webrecorder is documenting websites prior to redesign (see Indianapolis Art Museum).

Action items