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Welcome to the main project page for MISCI. The Multimodal Intergenerational Social Contact Intervention (MISCI) is a primary risk reduction strategy to address loneliness and social isolation by matching older people screened for loneliness with local adolescents and young adults. At maturity, MISCI will be personalized, comprehensive, low-cost, scalable, and culturally adaptable with multiple modes of social connection focused not only on Creative Engagement (MISCI-CE), but also on other risk reduction strategies like Physical Activity (MISCI-PA), and Healthy Meals (MISCI-HM).

MISCI is committed to the interrelated goals health improvement and social justice through evidence-informed practices. It makes its own continual improvements based on the latest evidence in these domains. Its ongoing features include

  • Respectful reciprocity in intergenerational relationships – everyone is both a teacher and a learner, both a leader and a follower, in a MISCI intergenerational relationship.
  • A broad definition of "intergenerational relationship" that means a relationship across any gap in age of 20 or more years.

Please see the pages below for more information about our current arts-based program, MISCI-Creative Engagement, as well as resources about our team, our approach, and our vision for the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!

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