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Ebook Usability CKG Meeting Agenda of November 2, 2017

10:00am - 11:00am

 Attendees: Estaban Aguilar (UCLA), Carla Arbagey (UCR), Greg Cariaga (UCSC), Frank Gravier (UCSC),  Christy Hightower (UCSC), Deanna Johnson (UCD), Chan Li (CDL) (Chair), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Michele Potter (UCR), Elizabeth Salmon(UCM), Sarah Sheets(UCM), Teri Vogel (UCSD)


  1. Termination of multi-campus Ebook Usability Survey
    1. Nga and Deanna will work on closing out project with UCD’s IRB office
    2. Campus interested in conducting the survey for its own campus will need to submit an IRB application via its own campus IRB office
    3.  Nga will upload all IRB documents submitted to IRB (including Survey questions) to Google Doc folder
  2.  Future plan for Ebook CKG
    1.  Nga will send out a short survey for possible topics to discuss


Ebook Usability CKG Meeting Agenda of Jun 9, 2017

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Attendees: Carla Arbagey (UCR), Chan Li (CDL) (Chair), Elizabeth Salmon(UCM), Michele Potter (UCR), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Sarah Sheets(UCM), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Ying Zhang (UCI)


  1. SSP conference update
    1. Attendees mostly publishers
    2. Vendors do a lot of user experience studies (e.g. Ebsco about 80/yr) but not much collaboration with Academic libraries user experience studies
    3. Taylor & Francis is interested to learn about UC's experience with CRC Netbase books; Opportunity to collaborate when we do platform evaluation project

  2. IRB update
    1. Working with UCD IRB office; Will start submitting paperwork soon including the Survey questions which can be changed later. Will get a draft ready within next month
    2. Each PI will be contacted by his/her own campus IRB office
    3. Let Chan know if you need more info

  3. Review survey questions:
    1. ACTION: please comment on survey questions before next month's meeting

Ebook Usability CKG Meeting Agenda of May 5, 2017

10:00am - 11:00am

Roll Call

Here is the agenda for this Friday’s meeting. We will spend majority of our time discussing our survey questions. Please review them before the meeting if possible.

  1. Participating campus PIs and funding update
  2. Survey question review:
    1. Faculty textbook questions:
    2. Undergraduate text questions:
    3. Students scholar book use question:

Ebook Usability CKG Meeting of Apr 7, 2017

10:00am - 11:00am

Roll Call

Attendees: Carla Arbagey (UCR), Chan Li (CDL) (Chair), Christy Hightower (UCSC), Deanna Johnson (UCD), Elizabeth Salmon(UCM), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Kerry Scott (UCSC), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Sarah Sheets(UCM), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Ying Zhang (UCI)

Meeting Notes:  

  • Teri Vogel's update on ER&L meeting
    • See Teri's email dated 4/7/17 for links to presentation slides and email her to get login credentials if you want to listen to the presentations.

  • IRB Update
    1. Process
      ACTION: Chan will send out information about the process of training to be certified as PI

    2. Campus PIs: The following members have agreed to be the PI
      1. UCSD - Teri Vogel
      2. UCM - Sarah Sheet
      3. UCI - Ying Zhang
      4. UCR - ? Michele Potter will check
      5. UCSC - Has to be UL; Kerry will talk to Elizabeth

  • Survey timeline
    • Group has decided to conduct survey in the Fall (end of September).

  • Funding for incentives
    • Amount set to $250 per campus
    • ACTION: Each campus will check on funding and can decide how the incentives will be distributed

  • Survey questions
    1. Max. number of questions /Max. Completion time (Deferred to next meeting)

    2. Draft questionnaires:
      1. Textbooks for undergraduates
        ACTION: Christy will draft a Textbook question for Faculty (and for Grad student if time permits)

      2. General scholar book use for students
      3. Demographic

        ACTION: Everyone will read all survey questions posted on Google drive and see how the questions can be merged or add new questions.

Ebook Usability CKG Meeting of March 3, 2017

10:00am - 11:00am

Attendees: Andrea Duda (UCSB), Carla Arbagey (UCR), Chan Li (CDL) (Chair), Christy Hightower (UCSC), Deanna Johnson (UCD), Elizabeth Salmon(UCM), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Kerry Scott (UCSC), Michele Potter (UCR), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Sarah Sheets(UCM), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Ying Zhang (UCI)

  • Listserv:
  • New group members introduction
    • Elizabeth Salmon (UCM), Sarah Sheets(UCM), Kerry Scott (UCSC), Christy Hightower (UCSC)
  • Summary of study project
    • New categories not done in UCSC study will be added : User awareness of ebooks, Textbook, new user groups to include faculties and undergraduate students
  • Andrea Duda will give an update on UCSB user study project
    • Follow what UCSC study did, using their survey questions with slight changes but focusing on e-resources on two different user groups: grad students from physical science/engineering and life sciences.
    • Want to know ebook investments are paying off.
    • Did not ask about specific platforms because people don’t particularly notice.
    • Want to get a sense of what ebook features users like or don’t like
    • Timeline: hope to complete this quarter but may go into Spring quarter.
    • Before getting IRB approval, be sure to scan if other UC has similar IRB clearance because it will speed up the approval process. (Chan: UCSC did not need IRB, will share IRB review exemption documents.)
    • For future survey, would be interested to widen user groups to include faculties (selecting decisions; required text or optional) and undergraduate students
    • ACTION: Chan will find out IRB contact at UCSB.
  • Survey study discussion:
    • Participating campuses: UCD, UCI, UCR, UCSD and UCSC
      • UCM would like to participate
    • Update on IRB and Qualtrics
  • ebook platform evaluation: (Defer to next meeting)

Ebook Usability CKG Meeting of February 3, 2017

10:30am - 11:00am

Attendees: Carla Arbagey (UCR), Frank Gravier (UCSC), Chan Li (CDL) (Chair), Nga Ong (CDL) (Recorder), Michele Potter (UCR), Teri Vogel (UCSD), Ying Zhang (UCI)

Unable to attend: Andrea Duda (UCSB), Deanna Johnson (UCD)

  • Project interests
    -Received 5 responses from survey. Only UCSB has the funding to support a focus group user study. 
    -Due to lack of funding, doing a system wide User survey is more feasible. 

  • User study
  • Current ebook platform evaluation
    • Current packages, evaluation criteria
      • The objective is to come up with a set of most desirable criteria based on our user survey as a way to push publishers toward a more standardized ebook platform.
      • Refer to Ebook Platform Evaluation spreadsheet on Google Doc:
      • ACTION: Chan will reorganize the CDL purchased package (in Existing ebook platforms tab) into different categories (Aggregator, DDA, etc.):
      • TO DO: Members will look at the package list in the Existing ebook platforms tab and add other ebook packages that they would like to include in the study
      • TO DO: Members will look at the evaluation criteria (in the Evaluation Criteria tab) and add more criteria, if they wish.

  • Usage data comparison between print and ebooks (Agenda item will be discussed in next meeting)
    • Cambridge ebooks  with share print copies (B & I)

  • Decision: Will have Regular meeting via conference call first Friday of each month.

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