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  • Complex Objects 2.0 / IIIF Presi API Implementation

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Project Objectives

  • Implement a redesign of the user interface for Nuxeo-based Calisphere complex objects
  • Implement the IIIF Presentation API for all Nuxeo-based objects
  • Make improvements to the media harvest architecture (that will allow for download w/ original file names, among other things)

Current to-dos

(Updated November 3, 2017)

  • Send recent notes, UX report, and options rubric to IIIF group
  • Investigate development trajectory for Mirador
  • Check in with Nuxeo-based campuses on relative priority of Complex Objects 2.0 to other projects (via biweekly calls)
  • Explore development/co-development options
  • Create project timeline


Q4 2017Q1 2017Q2 2017Q3 2017Q4 2018
Implementation conversations with campus libraries


Target release


Meeting notes 

Several campuses are interested in implementing IIIF. We started a series of systemwide meetings in fall 2017 to gauge interest in co-development and/or extensible code resulting from this project.

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