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  • 2017 September: Calisphere/OAC/DAMS Update

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Here's what we covered on September 29:

Tech world (Brian)

TopicIn briefAction items
UC-Digital Library Forum (DLF)
UC-DLF is happening at UCR on February 27 and 28, 2018! This will be a great way to connect across UC on digital library projects. The proposal deadline was extended to October 2. If you are going to National DLF, Chrissy Rissmeyer started a poll for a UC meetup.Submit a proposal for UC-DLF!
HTTPS for OAC / non-Calisphere pagesThe world is moving to HTTPS, and the latest motivator is that Chrome is going to start displaying somewhat scary-looking warning messages for users when they access a non-secure page. The new Calisphere site is on HTTPS, but some of our other services either aren't on HTTPS yet or they are configured in outdated ways. Brian is undertaking a project to reconfigure these and move as many pages as possible over to HTTPS. 
Nuxeo-Merritt connector improvementsBarbara is adding checksums to the atom feed for Merritt. 
Nuxeo upgrade workThere were some fixes to do after the latest Nuxeo upgrade. Barbara fixed the `empty_picture.png` issue, and Brian is currently working on: `nx mvdoc`, `nx upfile -doc`, and uploader pagination. Let us know if you notice any other weird things going on (either within Nuxeo or on Calisphere), especially for things that used to work or were displayed differently – it might be the result of the upgrade. 

Data / ingest world (Adrian)

TopicIn briefAction items
UCR Twitter data file experimentsUCR has been testing the display of Twitter data files in Calisphere. Eric Milenkiewicz mentioned that the proposed next-gen complex object design (which Sherri sent him a sneak-peek of) seems like it will work for this even better than the current design. 
LSTA harvestingWe're always bringing in new, interesting collections from sources all over CA (this is funded in part by an LSTA grant). Today we thought a cool project to mention is that UCM is digitizing some stuff for Yosemite National Park; we're then harvesting that stuff from Yosemite. 
DPLA Service NetworkOn the last call, we mentioned that we are exploring the idea of a DPLA Service Network in CA. The idea is that CDL/UC Libraries would become a "service hub" (right now we are just a "content hub") and in that role, would not aggregate collections as well as facilitate a network of organizations to help institutions statewide with more "upstream" activities like digitization. This proposal is currently going to CoUL. 

UI / initiatives world (Sherri)

TopicIn briefAction items
Disqus pilotThe mass digitization pilot that CDL and UCR undertook was a success. So successful, in fact, that end-users wanted to add more metadata to the items scanned. This has spurred us to jump more strongly into investigating options for user-contributed metadata. We plan to start with a pilot project for adding commenting functionality (via Disqus) to content, leveraging the engagement of this motivated user community. Gabriela Montoya mentioned that UCSD is moving away from Disqus on their digital library, so this seemed like a good time for everyone to sync up.Sherri and Eric will be convening with Gabriela and Cristela (UCSD) to talk more about Disqus pros and cons and Commenting strategies.
Complex objects 2.0Sherri has been working with CDL's UX team to issue a formal report with wireframes and other info, to share broadly. Otherwise, this project is on hold while IIIF is explored further (below). 
IIIF co-development explorationWe had a well-attended call to unpack CDL's cross roads with regards to IIIF, some UCLA use cases, and general interest in co-development at UC. This was a great call with what sounds like continued interest. Next steps will be a subsequent working call scheduled to further define requirements and how to move this forward.Stay tuned for another massive Doodle poll - you will receive it if you attended the last call or if you emailed me separately

Campus questions / ideas

TopicIn briefAction items
DOIs for finding aids?Emily asked if anyone on campuses or at CDL had been thinking about assigning DOIs to finding aids. It seemed like to date, most people have still been using ARKs. If there is more interest around this and it seems to be a trend among finding aid systems, please let us know! In the chat UCSF said they get questions about why we use ARKs and not DOIs. 
DAMS investigationsUC Berkeley has been doing a DAMS investigation, and other campuses have been helpful in providing information about their own experiences with various systems. 
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