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Final Report

Actions resulting from the Final Report:

Images that campuses can customize to promote awareness of off-campus access

UCI's version of the images: (1) 1920x1080 pixels for digital signage and social media

UCI's poster version:

UCR's version:

Notes about the images:

    • Images are in a Google Drive folder. Contact Cynthia Johnson ( if you can't access the folder.
    • In the folder are InDesign and Photoshop files for both the poster and the digital signage.  Also included are the fonts needed and the photo stock used.

    • The instructions are in the layers of each file. Basically it says put address here; Put logo there. It is sort of a standard practice for files like these among designers.

    • Ideas for images and slogans developed by Gayatri Singh (UCSD), Nicole Helregel (UCI), and Steve Clancy (UCI).
    •  Allan Helmick, UCI Libraries' Design Services, created the final design.

Summary analysis of QuestionPoint transcripts to better understand if patrons demonstrate ignorance or confusion about the need to authenticate when off-campus. Analysis sent to CDL to help further understanding at CDL that patrons may not be aware of the need to authenticate. The TF had suggested CDL  work with database vendors about adding a phrase such as “Check if your library has off-campus access” to the web pages that request users to login. Analysis done by Scott at UCLA.



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